2022’s Best Concealers Under $20 – Editors’ Reviews, Drugstore Picks


Whether you use it to conceal dark circles, conceal blemishes and acne scars, or use it as a loafer tool to even out your skin when you don’t feel like wearing full foundation, there’s always a place for a good concealer in yours makeup bag.

Of all the concealers out there that get the most lip service, many of the icons are a bit hard on the wallet (when I look at you, Clé De Peau, you radiant dear goddess, you). See not everyone can hide like the stars if you get what I mean. However, there are plenty of concealers out there that work just as hard, offer skincare benefits, and feel just as luxurious, at prices that let you live your best life in other departments (like paying the bills and boring, necessary things like that) . ).

It’s not all drugstore stuff either – direct-to-consumer beauty brands also offer some seriously impressive formulas online that are even cheaper than some drugstore prices. We love a good luxury buy, but the next time you’re saving for a vacation, your makeup bag got lost along the way, or you find yourself somewhere without your trusty concealer, have this list and a $20 bill ready.

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