40% of activity companies and camps for children have disappeared due to the pandemic

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A 40 percent of business activities and camps for children have disappeared as a result of the health pandemic, according to the National Association of Activities and Camp Companies (Aneacamp). According to data from the organization, before the pandemic the sector had about 37,800 companies, an annual turnover of about 9,000 million euros, 200,000 direct jobs, 700,000 indirect jobs with service provider companies and four million participants per year.

¬ęThese figures in 2020 have remained below 15%, with which, quite possibly, they will be reduced by a significant figure upon return to normality, and approximately 40% of companies and freelancers in the sector will have disappeared and other 30% will see their services reduced by the reduction of their economic and human capacities “, has indicated Julio Mart√≠nez, president of Aneacamp

BuscoCampamentos.com, one of the main search engines for campsites in Spain and which is also part of the Association, ensures the safety of companies that organize camps which are usually carried out in open spaces and in regulated facilities adapted for working with minors. They also recall that the camps are “very necessary for the physical, mental and emotional health of children and youth.”

Likewise, they guarantee that the summer camps have a hygienic-sanitary protocol that “demonstrated its proper functioning and effectiveness last summer” and recall that the Ministry of Education has used it as a basis for schools and institutes “with very good results during the school year, where working with rules and bubble groups, Covid cases are being very rare.

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