63% of students do not believe that online education during the confinement was negative, compared to 46% of parents


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The majority of students (63%) with an Internet connection do not consider that the experience of online education during confinement has been very negative. In fact, only 3 out of ten students believe, after the experience, that the only valid formula is face-to-face education.

This perception is not shared by parents, and while 47.3 percent consider that face-to-face is the only possible formula, the 46 percent believe that the experience was not very negative, according to the results of the survey ‘Trends in the digital society during the COVID-19 pandemic’, published this Friday by the CIS.

What the majority of parents (78%) and students (88%) do agree on is the need for schools to incorporate online activities increasingly according to the age of the students, although almost 90% of parents and students do not agree that in Secondary courses, training should be mostly online. In the case of higher education, also the majority of students (69%) percent disagree on giving priority to online education on the face-to-face, percentage that rises by ten points in the case of parents.

Another point where parents (92%) and students (94%) agree is the need for teachers to receive a specific and in-depth training on pedagogical techniques of digital education.

Regarding the establishment of distance education protocols by the centers, the CIS survey reveals that 90% established some online procedure during confinement and of these 86.2% sent study materials by email with the Support tasks and instructions and 95% maintained direct video communications with teachers by computer or mobile. Likewise, 81.6 used videos or audios recorded by teachers with the content of the suspended classes. However, only 4 percent say they have taken online exams.

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