7 keys to a safe and happy vacation

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June arrives and, with it, the immense desire to prepare a trip, but this time with more caution than in previous years. We must not forget that Covid-19 is still present and that we must not lower our guard when we break with the routine and are willing to pack our bags for a change of scenery outside our place of residence. To get it, the emotium psychologist, Alba Fernández Zamora, provides some keys for a perfect trip this summer.

1. Organize and plan. If you are going to leave Spain, you must know the measures and restrictions of that country. You have to be careful and prepare everything in time to avoid surprises.

2. To bad weather, good face. If fear prevents you from planning your vacation because the ideal conditions you have in your head do not exist, understand that there may be things that you cannot control such as the weather or a delay in a flight. There will be unforeseen events that cannot be foreseen, but you can decide how to deal with them.

3. Live in the present. A trip always has an adventure point, to enter new experiences, and to live in the moment, so you have to take advantage of it with all the security measures and being responsible. The 2020 holidays were different, but they begin with a first step and that step is decided by each one. Where do you want to go? With caution you can start traveling and supporting tourism.

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4. Enjoy the rest, realizing what we have learned and focusing on what we can do, leaving in the background what we cannot control.

5. It is good to look for activities that generate positive emotions. Being in another environment expands the possibilities of enjoying new activities, generating new experiences and challenges, which is very good for the mind.

6. Forgetting work (and teleworking). In the old normality it was easier to disconnect on vacation. Now with technology and the possibility of teleworking, we must be more aware to prevent work-related information from sneaking into our vacations (email, chats, work-related applications, etc.). It is good to disconnect from time to time, gain strength, be with the family to return more eager than ever, valuing what we have.

7. If you are blocked and you have trouble managing your emotions Regarding holidays or any other issue, do not hesitate and go to a specialist. Don’t let a negative thought stop you from enjoying a few days of relaxation.

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