A book seeks to help educators reflect on emotions and improve their interaction with students






«Know what you feel, emotional vocabulary» It is a book that aims to become “a manual that helps educators reflect on emotions, get to know each other and improve relationships with their students.” This is how its author, José Victor Orón, an expert in emotional education and also director of the UpToYou organization defines it.

In the work 60 emotional terms are collected that help to question who reads it their way of thinking from their own life. In the presentation of the book, recently held online, the professor and writer Leopoldo Abadía, the lecturer Víctor Küppers and the writer Teresa Gutiérrez de Cabiedes participated. The event was moderated by the philosopher and writer Iñaki Vélaz.

Orón announced that on January 23, his foundation will try to shed light on the situation of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, experienced by teachers and students, with a new edition of the UpToYou School Educator Course.

The terms collected in the book address reflections on those emotions that are commonly felt although the common citizen does not stop to think about their meaning. “With this book, each relational act becomes education and that generates a spectacular wealth, for those of us who are dedicated to education,” said the author.

Likewise, José Víctor Orón confessed that if he had to choose a term from the book to shed light on the current pandemic situation, he would choose the term interdependence, which is showing us that children teach us the most important thing, to be human.

«A child does not need to know the future, a child needs to know that in the future we will be together. They don’t know what will happen, but they know that we will be together. And together we will work to make a better world, “he said.

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