A midwife points out the main fear of pregnant women in this pandemic: giving birth alone





One of the midwives of the Quirón Sagrado Corazón Hospital in Seville, Laura Cuendas, has highlighted the increase in the “psychological and support work” that they have had with pregnant women because the “main fear” of women is “giving birth alone” in this pandemic caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus, coinciding with the day in which one year of the decree that approved the State of Alarm and the confinement of society is completed.

Speaking to Ep Televisión, Cuendas has stated that this year has been “A little more intense and complicated” although “depending on certain periods” because, like any healthcare provider, it has faced a “quite important” global crisis that has been solved “step by step” in each wave according to the established protocols.

In this sense, he affirmed that the crisis situation has increased “fear and uncertainty” in pregnant women towards the time of delivery “especially in gilts.” “The women did not know if they were going to be cared for alone, if they were going to be accompanied or what would happen to their babies after delivery,” he pointed out and added that all this has complicated “a little” labor in the delivery room.

Consequently, she pointed out that in addition to doing the “usual” care work, the team of midwives at this hospital has carried out “a lot of accompaniment work” in order to “explain, inform and reassure” both the pregnant woman and the pregnant woman. to their relatives.

Along these lines, she has emphasized the “dual experience” that the birth process involves, as well as the “relationship of trust” that is established between the midwife and the pregnant woman, which has been increased by the pandemic. In fact, he has ensured that in this hospital center there has been an increase in staff in order to «Individualize treatment with women».

In this way, she has said that each pregnant woman is assigned a midwife to assist the delivery so that it is easier to “establish a bond of trust” with her. In addition, “she trusts you, gives herself to you and unloads on you a little that fear and uncertainty with which she arrives” at delivery, she added.

The Epi, «a barrier»

This midwife has assured that the “main fear” of pregnant women in a pandemic is “giving birth alone” without the accompaniment of the “loved one” chosen for that moment, to which “the barrier” that has been “at the beginning” has been added. the clothing that has forced them to wear this health crisis, although they have reiterated the importance at this time of creating an atmosphere of trust that reassures them.

He also assured that due to the hours a birth lasts, midwives spend “a lot of time standing” doing important physical labor and added that this has been compounded by the increase in psychological work that they have had to develop with pregnant women due to the health crisis.

«We have a physical labor on the one hand and a psychological one that has increased, but just as the load has increased, so has the reward when the mother has already given birth, everything has gone well and she is happy and satisfied with everything the process of childbirth, “he explained.

Regarding the treatment in the plant, Cuendas has indicated that there have been “several phases” since at the beginning of the pandemic the prohibition of visits was taken “with rejection”, but with the passage of time and the explanations of health personnel about “the advantages »of being alone with the baby, the parents have taken it as” days of intimacy. “Thus, he has highlighted the recommendations that they have given to all pregnant women to restrict visits at home and protect” as much as possible “the baby. baby until the health crisis subsides “a little”.

Finally, he recalled the birth of a mother, which marked “a before and after” in his professional career, since he arrived from the emergency room and they did not know until the delivery began whether or not he was positive for Covid-19. «During the birth process we found out that it was positive and I remember that in 20 seconds the situation changed, We all dressed in PPE, the couple had to leave the delivery room and there was a moment of crisis because she panicked, she started crying, although after a while we finally had a very intimate delivery, “he concluded.

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