a red for all audiences (costs between 5 and 6 euros)

Juan Fernandez-Cuesta



Almansa, a municipality in the province of Albacete, gives its name to a Denomination of Origin that is small in number of wineries, with Monastrell and Garnacha tintorera grapes as a hallmark. The quality of this area is growing without a doubt and without pause, from its position in the southeast of the province of Albacete, on the border with the provinces of Alicante and Valencia, vineyards that grow from 700 meters to 1,000 meters of altitude, such as those Garnacha tintorera and Monastrell vines of our protagonist of the day. Laya is a red that has become a benchmark among wines with an indisputable quality and a price below 10 euros, so lower that it is sold at a

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