a «regression» is detected in the mental health of minors with previous disorders






The Col·legi de Terapeutes Occupationals de Catalunya (COTOC) has warned this Friday in a statement of the “regression” in the health of children and adolescents with previous mental disorders due to the coronavirus pandemic and has called for more staff and resources.

Therapists have warned that confinement, isolation and restrictions associated with Covid-19 have increased addictions to toxins, have triggered the use of screens and have increased Eating Disorders (Eating Disorders) among teenagers.

This has happened, especially, among young people who were already affected by conduct, personality, autism, affective, phobias or psychotic disorders; While among children “a worsening in their disorders has not been observed but it has not been possible to advance”.

Faced with this situation “which is only getting worse with the passage of time”, the COTOC has criticized the precariousness in the care of the younger population and has called for more investment, personnel and means to be able to maintain therapies and face-to-face care.

COTOC has recalled that, According to the WHO, 60% of the European population is suffering from “pandemic fatigue”, That can generate demotivation in the sufferer, a feeling of constant uncertainty and symptoms of anxiety or depression.

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