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I don’t like children, neither do babies. When my kids were little, I would sometimes run away for a while just to stop hearing them buzzing around me. With them I discovered that motherhood is noise and I learned to value silence. I don’t like to play games, I don’t know how to make funny faces and I hate children’s parties. Despite all that, I bear even less the concept of ‘adults only’.

I’m not a babysitter, but adults bother me infinitely more. At the end of the day, the pimples on my ass are people who came of age decades ago. That is why when I listen to or read the militants of the places where the entrance to childhood is prohibited I have to wish that someone open an establishment where they cannot enter. A site that requires the asshole antigen test would not be bad, although more than likely I tested positive.

I imagine what would happen if the owner of a restaurant who is annoyed by fat people denied entry. There we would talk about gordofobia. In the world there are temples, mountains and streets in which the presence of women is prohibited. Men’s clubs in the United Kingdom, football stadiums in Saudi Arabia, even some golf courses in the United States where the presence of women is banned. I understand that Advocates of the ‘adults only’ will be fine with this misogynistic and macho right of admission, as long as they do not allow children to pass through either.

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Once they are in place, they should be able to hang signs forbidding the passage to bald, red-haired or those who measure less than 1.70. I know fat, bald, redheads and unbearable short ones; also blond, thin and tall whom not even his mother could stand. The same thing happens with children, some I like and others fatal; but it is allowed to pour them. They sell paradises without childhood because they know that the children are not going to be indignant, or defend or demonstrate in any way.

Prohibit entry to children it’s adultismThis widespread conception that the center of society is the adult. Prevent the presence of childhood is age discrimination, a way of making them invisible, of assuming that they count less, have fewer rights than we do for the simple fact of being born a few years ago. They claim Eden without children, when its noise is worst. Few things more insufferable than a mature man complaining about the kids. Always the same. They really suck.

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