Al-Falaj Hotel – Where to Stay in Muscat, Oman


This is my first time in Oman! 172 Amin my country! During the first days of my stay in Muscat, I stayed at the Al-Falaj Hotel.

I was so excited to finally set foot in Oman! This is my 172nd country (152nd UN), so I was ready to see more of the Middle East! I started in Muscat, the capital, where the Al-Falaj Hotel became my home for a few days. It was a great start because we did a lot of tours in this country, so it is important to stay in a hotel that is comfortable and relaxing enough. For me, the hotel is paralyzed! More information about this hotel is below.

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Things to do in Muscat, Oman

1. Admire the greatness of mosques

There are several mosques to see and admire in Muscat. They all stand with this elegance and you should see them!

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – Visiting the mosque is definitely worth it. Visiting the historic building is possible without entrance fee. Even the large gardens around the mosque are impressive. Tips & Warnings Shoes should be removed before arrival and women should wear overcoats. The women’s prayer hall is relatively small, while the large men’s hall is completely different and very elegantly designed.
  • Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque – Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque is only a few years old and is located in a prominent place on a hill. Since the mosque is not yet commercialized, expect very few visitors during your visit. The mosque is beautiful and its interior is worth seeing, so be sure to visit it!

2. Visit museums after museums!

In Muscat, there are many museums to explore! This way, you can learn more about this historic city. Even if you are not a fan of museums, there are literally a lot of them that you can choose from that may interest you.

  • National Museum – A modern and large museum. In different sections, the development of Oman is presented from prehistoric times to the present day. Exhibitions have appropriate and labeled lighting (both in English and Arabic). Some exhibitions even invite you directly to touch (or understand) them. In a movie theater, the history of Oman is summarized in a 15-20 minute film (alternately in English and Arabic) – well worth a look.
  • Sultan Armed Forces Museum – A very interesting exhibition that tells the history of Oman’s military achievements from ancient times to the present day. The museum exhibitions are very well arranged with their historical division.
  • Ghalia Museum of Modern Art – A small museum that offers an insight into the life of the Omani people in the 50s / 60s. Living rooms and other rooms that lived in summer or winter are shown. Works by Omani artists are also on display at the art gallery.
  • Museum of Natural History – This small museum provides an overview of Oman’s wildlife and geological history. The botanical garden is also interesting, with some examples of Boswellia Sacramento, frankincense and more!
  • Oman Children’s Museum – A great museum for providing such scientific entertainment for children’s development. Even older than 11 years, playing here will be like extra knowledge for a child.
  • بیت الزبیر – A cultural foundation that opened its doors to the public in 1998. The complex consists of five separate buildings as well as a garden with a range of traditional features, a café and a gift shop. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the museum.

3. Natural Wonders – Explore beaches and valleys

If you love swimming in the sun, Muscat is also a great place to relax! The valleys are another natural wonder of the city that you must see! Here are some beaches and valleys that we recommend you visit.

  • قورم ساهل – A very beautiful and long beach right on the street. It is clean and the water is very clear. There are also several cafes and restaurants near the beach.
  • Wadi Bani Khalid – Undoubtedly the most visited valley in the country, breathing in the full beauty of the earth requires a little luck. Just enjoy nature like a dream, and if you have the right swimsuit with you, you can go into the water or let the fish bite your feet.
  • Insurance Crash – This hole between the sea and the mountain is really impressive. It is about 120 meters in diameter and 30 meters deep. Below you can swim in clear water and refresh yourself. There are also picnic opportunities on top of it.
  • Wadi Al-Arbaeen – Beautiful valley with deep water pools and amazing surroundings. This valley is one of the highlights. You should take two to three hours to discover it widely. If an off-road vehicle is absolutely necessary, you will be rewarded with a special view. The contrast of the sloping walls of the mountain and the multifaceted green color form a special space.
  • Qanat Beach – A must visit, like everything in Oman, this beach is best accessed by renting your own car. Because it is a little far away it is something that makes it very calm and attractive. Beautiful beach with warm and clear water.
  • ساحل الصفاح – Sefe beach is about 45 minutes away from Muscat city and can be reached through a beautiful road that passes through the mountains and somewhat along the beach.

4. Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is impressive both from the outside and inside. The opera house is atmospheric, especially in the evening when the indirect light is on. World stars of opera, ballet, folklore, dance groups, and musicians come here for the tour.

5. Oman Oniz Shopping Center

Oman Avenues Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Oman, which opened in May 2015 in Muscat. The mall is located on Sultan Qaboos Street and is a shopping mall of the LuLu International Group based in Abu Dhabi and quickly established itself as one of the best shopping malls. Impressive and modern shopping malls in the area.

Accommodation in Muscat, Oman

Al-Fallah Hotel’s strategic location is very convenient for me as a travel blogger. It is located in the heart of the city and close to the most popular tourist attractions. I am very happy that we stayed in one of the best commercial hotels in Oman before we could start our adventure in this country!

Al-Falaj Hotel is the place to stay in Muscat, Oman

Accommodation at the Paralyzed Hotel

Many thanks to Mr. Pravin for welcoming us to the hotel! The moment we arrived at the hotel we felt at home!

There are a variety of rooms at the Paralyzed Hotel. Deluxe rooms, classic rooms, suites and standard rooms. All rooms are large and offer a great atmosphere! Our first few nights in Oman were memorable because of the Al-Fallah Hotel!

Al-Falaj Hotel Restaurants

Middle Eastern and other Asian dishes are the main offers of paralyzed restaurants!

Paralyzed restaurant

Al-Falaj Restaurant is the only restaurant in Oman that pays homage to Oman’s popular and traditional soups (you should try them!), Except for soups, steaks, crabs, kebabs and other dishes from around the world. Here. My heart was very happy!

Tokyo Taro Restaurant

By the way, the food you should expect here is Japanese food! We all know that Japanese food is very popular all over the world (including me! Haha!) From sushi and sashimi to Tpanaki and Tempura, you will find it here!

Stassen Tea Lounge

Al-Falaj Hotel is the place to stay in Muscat, Oman

A hall that offers peace and tranquility. Enjoy your delicious tea while relaxing in the hotel lounge away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tea lovers love to spend time here!

General experience at the Paralyzed Hotel

After staying at the hotel, we left happy and satisfied with everything we experienced. We were very excited about all the tours we were going to do in Oman, and Al-Falaj helped us relax and enjoy Omani hospitality. I will never forget how people treated us with a warm welcome and smiling faces. After traveling to all countries of the world, Oman is one of the countries I want to return to and Al-Falaj is a hotel that I wanted to be my home again!

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