Alert that child boosters in the car do not guarantee “sufficient protection” in side impacts

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The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has warned that the boosters for children in the car do not guarantee “sufficient protection” in the event of a side impact and has advised against their use.

This was underlined in a statement in which he specified that the use of approved boosters It is legal from the age of 4 as long as the child weighs more than 15 kilosAlthough he called “wrong and dangerous for the child” the decision to use them as a substitute for models for older children, corresponding to groups 2 and 3, when the child seats are too small.

«When the child grows and exceeds the range of height or weight for which the chair is designed, another adapted to its new dimensions must be acquired“, Added the organization, which considered it as” the safest option “and pointed out that” it does not have to be expensive, “reports Servimedia.

Thus, he explained that among the 30 chairs in group 2/3, indicated for children weighing 15 to 36 kilos, between 4 and 12 years old, analyzed and published in the magazine Compra Maestra, there are models with excellent value for money, Among which the Römer Discovery SL stood out, which is sold from 90 euros.

Although the law only requires the use of a chair until the child measures 1.35 centimeters, OCU insisted on the importance of using it until it reaches 1.50 meters, considering that it is safer than simply using the adult’s belt and such and such. as it happens in other countries of the European environment.

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Other devices

In parallel, OCU also advised against the use of devices other than the child seat such as harness buckle protectors, double belts, extenders and adult belt guidance systems, which are not approved and which, in its opinion, may make it difficult to untie the child in an emergency.

“In fact, some are contrary to the regulations,” snapped the organization, which, in these cases, demanded that the authorities withdraw from the market as soon as possible.

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