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For me, part of growing up has involved growing into a sense of style that truly suits me, not one that simply aligns with the latest fashion trends or TikTok’s ever-spinning aesthetic trends. One of my latest style revelations is discovering how much I indeed VALUE COMFORT While younger iterations of me committed to heeled sandals, tight blouses, and guilt-ridden skinny jeans, these days, I’m all about happy, effortless fashion that’s as good as it sounds. It feels good—to dressy blouses, baggy mom jeans, and of course, a basic sneaker or two.

While I’m not a sneaker person by any means, I do appreciate the go-anywhere nature of the shoe, which allows me to maximize my style usage as well as bulk up my questionably large shoes in the process. (Less is more, because I’m learning!). However, until recently, the only casual sneaker I really relied on was my trusty Nike Air Force 1. And while this shoe is, in many ways, still a staple in my closet, I’d like to invest in another pair of sneakers that provide the same comfort but with a more updated and fresh look. Naturally, when I found out that Allbirds—the internet’s favorite brand known for its infamously comfortable and sustainable shoes—was introducing a brand new sneaker that was literally designed for everyday use. There it was, I knew I had just found my new sneaker style. Fall

Enter the Allbirds Canvas Pacers ($110) — the latest lifestyle sneaker from the brand, introduced today, features a unique look of curved lines and a wavy midsole, plus a mix that incorporates innovative (and sustainable) variations. has a place! ) Materials. I had the chance to test this style for myself and have already dubbed it the best everyday shoe. Read on to hear my honest thoughts!

What I love about these Allbirds sneakers

The lightweight nature of this sneaker is a highlight for me. I know chunky shoes are all the rage right now, but for me at least, I value having a sneaker that’s durable, protective, yet lightweight enough to wear all day. My Nike Air Force 1’s have been my go-to for a long time, but these Allbirds Pacers are slowly becoming my go-to style – especially when I’m running errands, looking forward to a busy day out, Or just predicting. It will be on my feet a lot

I also like that they have more of a low heel, which makes the style more breathable and easier to move around. With these sneakers as a brand, Allbirds is also committed to sustainability, so I love the fact that these shoes are made with organic cotton materials, along with a soft, lightweight lining made with 62 percent of the brand’s tree materials and 38 Made of recycled polyester, I appreciate it. A midsole made with green cane-based EVA and a natural rubber sidewall and outsole. Sneakers that look good, feel good. And Are they built to do good? We love to see it.

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What is worth noting

The biggest thing worth noting here is that these Allbirds sneakers are only available for purchase in full sizes. Depending on the model, my shoe size usually ranges from a 9.5 to a 10, so at first I was worried about which exact size to order. Will size 9 be too comfortable? Will 10 be too bulky? I ended up going with a US women’s size 10 and was pleasantly surprised with the fit. I wouldn’t consider the shoe too tight, but it’s firm enough that I feel a lot of support while walking in the sneakers. All of that to say, if you normally go for mid-size shoes, it’s worth noting that this sneaker doesn’t come in longer sizes – and I personally recommend sizing up.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the color. I usually gravitate towards white or neutral sneakers just because they are more versatile and also much easier to style with casual outfits than colorful or busy sneakers. With that, I experimented with this style in natural white. While Pacers are super cool and cool, the colorway of this style tends to change (or at least look different) depending on the exposure to the sun, as seen in these photos. I don’t mind that – if anything, it feels like I’m getting two different shoe styles in one. But if you’re looking for an all-white sneaker to have in your wardrobe, it might be worth investing in a different or less abstract shoe.

Who are these Allbirds sports shoes suitable for?

Sneakerheads, athletes, and even those who want all-day comfort in their shoes will love this Allbirds everyday sneaker. Unlike some of the brand’s other athletic styles, the Pacers certainly aren’t meant to be a durable running or outdoor shoe, but that doesn’t stop them from being comfortable or durable. Whether you anticipate a busy travel season, have a particularly long commute, or just need a casual sneaker to wear anytime, anywhere, the Allbirds Canvas Pacers will be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe – to Special for fall.

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Where are these Allbirds sneakers available?

The Allbirds Canvas Pacers Sneakers are available for purchase exclusively at Allbirds.

more details

  • Pacers are available for purchase in two styles: the Canvas Pacer (the ones featured in this review) and the Plant Pacer, which is made from sustainable, plant-based alternative leather, 100 percent plastic-free, 100 percent vegan, and using natural has been Materials such as rubber, vegetable oils and agricultural by-products.
  • Canvas Pacers are made with organic cotton, and both styles use Allbirds’ famous tree material to create a soft inner lining.
  • These Allbirds sneakers are available for purchase in a variety of colorways, including natural black, natural white, and two limited colorways in dark beige and dark blue.


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