Almost 80% of young people are more concerned about their health since the start of the pandemic

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Young people between the ages of 18 and 34 have been the most concerned about their health since the start of the pandemic (79.4% among those aged 18 to 24 and 76.6% among those aged 25 to 34), according to the latest results collected in the ‘IV Barometer on Self-care of the Spanish population’ prepared by PiC Solution. On the contrary, those of 45 to 54 years are the ones who say they are most not worried for their health (34.4%).

In fact, the Spanish have become aware not only of the transmission of Covid-19, but they have also made sure to carry out a more exhaustive control of their health levels. Thus, 45.3 / controlled temperature more (this being a possible symptom of Covid-19), 26.1% weight (obesity being associated with the prognosis of the disease) and 23.2 percent of those surveyed the tension (hypertension being a risk factor). In contrast, 33.4 percent say they don’t care about their health levels.

The 18-24 year olds they are the ones to a greater extent they say keep track of their body temperature since the beginning of the pandemic (54.7%), while from 55 years of age the percentage that says they carry it of their weight and tension increases. Thus, among those aged 65 or over, 38.9 percent say they control their blood pressure more exhaustively and 32.5 percent their weight.

In addition, those who suffer from a chronic disease are the ones who to a greater extent say they have begun to worry more about their health since the pandemic began. This is stated by 78.4 percent of the population with chronic diseases, while this percentage decreases to 70.8 percent among the population not considered at risk.

64% avoid leaving home

In relation to protection measures against the virus, more than 80 percent of Spaniards claim to wear a mask to protect yourself, including in social and family relationships; 64.7% avoid leaving the house and 74.7% limit the social groups in which to interact. In addition, 72.9 percent use disinfectants and hydroalcoholic gels continuously.

Regarding the differences by sex, it stands out that it is women who say they always wear a mask to a greater extent (84.2% versus 77.8% of men) and use disinfectants and hydroalcoholic gels continuously (78.2% versus 66.9% of men), to take care of their health and try to protect themselves from Covid-19 .

In general, women attach more importance than men to all the practices that self-care encompasses. And, by age, the 55-year-old and older segments are the ones who give the most importance to all the proposed self-care practices, and especially in the case of undergoing periodic medical check-ups and regular monitoring of health parameters such as weight, blood pressure or sugar.

At the same time, el 84.1 percent say they wash their hands more frequently, 38.7 percent measure their temperature and other health parameters more and even 55.1 percent assume to disinfect everything they touch. Likewise, another 41.3 percent say they wash their clothes more since the beginning of the pandemic and even the pandemic has favored those who needed to get in shape: 37 percent take more care of their diet.

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