Ana Bru: «In a year and a half we will go as tourists to space»

-We can’t travel. -They have closed the borders instead of creating safe corridors. They shut us down and creak at taxes. We want to work! -Adapt. -You no longer have to adapt. You have to anticipate. -To what? -The new equation: security, freedom and health. -When will we travel again? -The forecasts do not work. Now the only speech is the vaccine. -But you will work with a date. -In spring. Summer. We still get to Easter. -Specialization. -If you are not the best, the client will not need you. -The consumer. -The consumer is the one who has the last word. -Finally we will stop going to Africa! -The destinations in which we work in Africa have managed to manage the Covid well. -A barbarian thing. -They have lived with malaria all their lives, fighting against Ebola and they know how to do it. -With a legendary success. -They … See More

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