ANoM, the encrypted message “app” used by the FBI to arrest 100 criminals

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Technology doesn’t just serve to keep us in touch or improve our lives. It can also be used to combat crime. The Australian Federal Police has carried out an operation to deceive and catch more than a hundred criminals in the oceanic country. To achieve this, he used a communications application that masqueraded as an encrypted message application, but was actually controlled by the FBI.

The performance, called Operation Ironside, has been carried out covertly for the past three years, and has allowed members of organized crime to be tricked into using a syour encrypted application exclusively used to plan criminal activities without being discovered.

Actually, the application in question, called ANoM, was managed by the FBI, which had bypassed the security mechanisms of the Phantom Secure platform provider and had replaced the ‘app’ previously used by criminals with another with which they could access their conversations, according to Australian police in a release.

As part of Operation Ironside, the Australian Federal Police has arrested 224 criminals, as allegedly responsible for 526 crimes committed throughout the territory from Australia. Of them, he has brought charges against more than 100 people.

The fake application developed by the FBI has also served to intercept 3.7 tons of drugs, 104 weapons, almost 45 million Australian dollars (about 29 million euros) in cash and other assets worth several million.

The operation has also helped prevent 20 assassination attempts, and is expected to lead to more arrests both within Australia and internationally, where tons of drugs have already been seized and hundreds of people arrested.

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Ironside has had the participation of 18 countries, but the Australian police have been responsible for the use of a system to read encrypted communications in real time. In most cases, the ANoM ‘app’ it was used in mobile phones that were only used for communications between criminalsThey couldn’t make calls or send emails, and the devices came from the black market.

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