(another) retro console that wants to transport you to the eighties


Retro is fashionable. And also if we talk about video games. This can be seen in the huge number of ‘mini’ consoles that companies like Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation and Capcom have released in recent years. That’s not to mention the emulator machines or the high number of classic video games that regularly arrive in online stores for current systems. It is clear: it was never as easy as now to replay those jewels with which the user who begins to comb gray hair entered the scene.

Now, the company Blaze Entertainment is trying to increase its niche in the nostalgia niche with the release of Evercade VS, a desktop console that remembers, and

a lot, to the machines that began to enter the homes of the ‘gamers’ during the eighties and early nineties.

This is not the firm’s first foray into retro hardware. In 2020 it has already launched a portable console that, as a peculiarity, it worked by means of cartridges, exactly like old systems like the NES, Megadrive or Nintendo 64. The new Evercade VS works exactly the same. In addition, it sports a design that is remarkably reminiscent of its predecessor.

The system is also compatible with most of the laptop’s cartridges (except for the two from Namco Museum), so if you scratched your pocket at the time to acquire proposals for this one, you can use them in the new button-mashing system. . For the new ones, they should know that the company sells them separately. In total, the company has some 26 collections available, including classic works invoiced by companies such as Atari (perhaps the most interesting), Codemasters The Intellivision. The total catalog reaches 280 titles.

Works fine, but with some drawbacks

Depending on the version of the console that is purchased, it will include more or fewer video games. The premium, which is the one that ABC has been testing for the last few weeks, comes with two controllers and two cartridges; specifically Technos Arcade 1 and the Data East Arcade 1 collection with 10 games, for a total of 18 works. Among them, we find great classics such as the hilarious hallway fighting games ‘Double Dragon‘ or the platformer and colorful ‘Tumblepop‘. The basic version, however, comes with a single controller and a single cartridge. If you want more of both, you will have to go through the box again.

The operation of the machine is good. It offers images in 1080p quality and the home screen is very intuitive. Keep in mind, however, that to be able to use the machine you will need an HDMI cable that the console does not include, and that is one of the big drawbacks that ABC has found in the system.

The second would be the controls, with crosshead, four buttons and triggers on the left and right. Obviously, they have a retro design. In the hands they are reminiscent of the old controls of the NES or the Super Nintendo with all that that implies for a player who is already used to those of PlayStation, Xbox or Switch: ergonomics are lacking, and it is something difficult to justify, since In this case, Evercade is not trying to simulate the design of any device from the past. Everything is new mint.

That’s the command

You also have to take into account that the controls are wired (which is not a problem, they are quite long) and that the console supports a maximum of four connected at the same time. The materials chosen for its manufacture are not rocket science either.

However, the system It has a design capable of softening the most nostalgic. To insert the cartridges inside, the player must lift a lid, just like with the Nintendo NES, and you will find two slots. This is very convenient, since two can be used at the same time. In this way, the player has more titles available to choose from without having to get up from his seat and start messing around.

Is for me?

A retro console is not for everyone. Much less for those users who have been pressing buttons for a short time and who, to date, have only played recent machines. This does not imply that, even entering within this group, you cannot find a title that catches your attention and with which you have fun. But make no mistake, here you will not find a next-gen God of War or Halo, far from it. The experience has nothing to do with what you can have if you grab the controller of a PlayStation or an Xbox.

In Evercade VS all the games are more archaic and basic. Also, as a general rule, more difficult to complete. This does not mean that they are bad, far from it. At the time they were jewels and, to this day, they are still perfectly playable; but, as we say, they are not for everyone.

If you grew up in the eighties burning hard coins in the arcades in your neighborhood, and you are nostalgic for that time, the system, with a price that starts at 99 euros, can be a good purchase. On the contrary, if you don’t see it clearly and you want to try the retro a bit before launching yourself, perhaps the ideal thing is that you try to take advantage of some of the compilations of classic games that reach the current consoles. You will not spend so much money and you will be able to get a rough idea of ​​what awaits you.

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