Anti-vaccines and their lighting

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The pandemic has removed our mask. Somehow many of us have discovered the kind of people we are. When everything stops and life slips out of hand, it’s easy to get carried away. It is in this inertia where surprises arise, the unexpected side of people.

Some of us respond to chaos with a kind of lethargy and socializing makes us ball. We have to make a heavy effort to meet other people, to talk and share. That apathy, almost certainly, was there before, inside us, although it was not as evident as now. Laziness to re-socialize is the second most repeated conversation I have had in recent months of the pandemic. The first, by far and to my amazement, it’s the vaccine.

People whom I thought were sensible refuse to wear it. Suddenly, having seen four videos on the Internet, they feel touched by the magic wand of super-scientific enlightenment. At least the ones I know are not anti-vaccines. Everyone has an up-to-date vaccination record and also that of their children; The only one they don’t trust is the coronavirus. A ridiculous distrust if we take into account that in the world more than 2,500 million doses have already been administered; in Spain, more than 35 million.

His position goes beyond ignorance, lies in an aspirational and childish feeling: step out of the herd just to feel superior. Only they are part of the small enlightened elite, of that proud minority that boasts of having a higher level of consciousness. The rest of us are sheep.

Before the vaccine began to be given, statistics showed that 47% of Spaniards were reluctant to get it. If that prognosis had been fulfilled, the massive vaccination campaign we are experiencing would be of no use and, instead of talking about the end of masks and the return of concerts and nightlife, we would continue to mourn hospitalizations and deaths.

The augury that almost half of the Spanish population would reject the vaccine has not been fulfilled thanks to its normalization. Creating a climate of trust based on information and exemplarity frees us from barbarism. Now the anti-vaccines are again what they always were, something residual; a handful of people who will be able to hug each other again thanks rest, to the vast majority. And without thanks, they will continue to call us sheep.

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