Apple plans to launch new AirPods this year and another Pro model in 2022

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Apple works to introduce this year 2021 a redesigned version of its wireless headphones AirPods that are similar, at least in appearance, to the Pro model, which, for its part, will receive a second generation of devices in 2022, according to ‘Bloomberg’.

This new model would be the first redesign of wireless headphones since March 2019 and it contemplates the reduction of the size of the stem of the lower part of the handset, as is the case with the current Pro model, according to what “sources familiar with Apple’s plans” have assured Bloomberg, which states that the new headphones will be released this same year 2021.

For its part, Apple’s ‘premium’ wireless headphones, the AirPods Pro, will also receive a new design, with which they will renew their appearance for the first time since their launch in October 2019, although in this case they would reach the market in 2022.

The redesigned version of the AirPods Pro raises the introduction of new motion sensors to function while the user exercises, as well as with a design that completely eliminates the stems from the bottom and that will be used in new Beats brand headphones that are will present in the coming months.

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