“Aspas and Canales would have been on my list for the Eurocup”




Robert Moreno He was the protagonist last night in ‘El Partidazo de Cope’. The former selector was interviewed to find out his opinion on Luis Enrique’s list for the next Eurocup, and although he assured that his would not have been very different, he did give a couple of names that have been left out of the final call: “He would have called to Iago Aspas because he had a very important season finale. I see it quite clear. Another, for example, would tell you Channels ».

Robert Moreno was dismissed in November 2019 just after sealing the classification for this Eurocup which should have been held a year ago and was delayed by the pandemic. His departure was extremely controversial due to the confrontation he had with Luis Enrique, whom he replaced on the bench during the illness of the Asturian’s daughter.

Moreno also referred to the thorny absence of Sergio Ramos, out of the Eurocup due to his poor physical condition. The Catalan coach said he understood the position of
Luis Enrique
: «Sergio is an icon of the deletion. He has had an incredible performance. In recent times he has had difficulty entering and it was something that could happen. We all lack a lot of information to be able to comment. It is something that must be assumed and the coach will have valued the decision. What you have to do is add with the call made by the coach. We are talking about someone historical. I don’t know of any coach who does things to harm the team.

Regarding his future, Moreno assured that he had had offers to train in Spain, Brazil and China, and says he is prepared to lead a team in First. “My career started at the end after having coached Monaco and Spain,” he said. «I want a one-year project to be able to demonstrate something. I’ve been talking to teams from Spain. I have patience. I am ready to work at Primera. If I have to take a project in Second to upload, I must take it into account. I don’t want to be above good or evil.

Finally, the former coach made a tour of the coaches he considers the best in the world, first citing Guardiola: «Not to name Pep would be to lack the evidence. Ancelotti is doing very well. How is it valued? Are we left to win titles? Seeing Simeone’s work is worthy of admiration. The important thing is to know how to convince the team. Zidane’s work is also to be admired ».

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