between antivirus, prostitution, drugs and paranoia

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Controversial and irreverent, John David McAfee, creator of one of the most important antivirus in history who died yesterday in his cell in the Barcelona prison of Brians 2, he lived life to the limit until the last consequences. He began his career at NASA in the late 1960s. A couple of decades later, after honing his skills in software development, he began his career with Lockheed as an antivirus manufacturer. An art that, by then, was in its early stages. The fault of his entry into the world that, shortly after, would make him a millionaire was the code Brain, the first virus for IBM platforms. In 1987 he decided to take the plunge and created his own antivirus company: McAfee Associates, in which he developed one of the most recognized security solutions on the market. So much so that it is quite likely that you currently use software with his name to protect your devices.

The excesses and misfortune, however, accompanied the eccentric genius, born in an American base located in the United Kingdom in 1945, throughout his life. From beginning to end. Most of his childhood was spent in Roanoke, a town located in the North American state of Virginia, where he received constant beatings from his father, with alcoholism problems, until it ended up taking its own life when the future developer was just 15 years old. His figure was decisive for McAfee during the rest of his days, as he recognized a few years ago in an interview with ‘Wired’: “In every relationship I have, he is by my side. In every mistrust, he is the negotiator of that mistrust. So my life is screwed up.

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Alcohol and drugs

His father’s alcohol problems did not prevent young John from starting drinking at an early age, when he had just started high school in little Roanoke. He also began to make first steps in the world of social engineering dedicating himself to offering door-to-door free subscriptions to magazines that, deep down, were not. Despite his drinking problems, the young man managed to graduate from college and begin a doctorate in mathematics at Northeast Louisiana State College in 1968. However, he was soon expelled for sleeping with one of his scholars, whom he later ended up marrying.

After dropping out of college, McAfee started his career in the tech world. And as he climbed, passing from one company to another, his addiction to alcohol and drugs became more present. First it was LSD; then it was cocaine, among other substances of the most varopintas. He was less and less lucid. Closer and closer to collapse.

In 1983 he left his job at Omex, a company where he was dedicated to information storage systems. By then, his wife had already left him because of his addictions. The developer had to sell practically all his possessions to keep ‘the monkey’ caused by drugs and alcohol at bay. Even already, by then, he even flirted with suicide. “My life was a total hell,” he recalled years later.


Brain rehab and malicious code, developed in Pakistan in the mid-1980s, ended up becoming his lifeline. He founded his software company in 1987 within the walls of his home., which served as headquarters for the first few years. The antivirus solution it made was quickly used by some of the largest companies in the United States. This meant that, in a very short time, the developer could live comfortably.

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With the Internet, and increasing threats and fear from fledgling users, the business continued to prosper. So much so that it wasn’t long before it caught the attention of big tech.

His life took a new turn in 2000, when he married for the second time and began to love yoga. By then, all was calm for McAfee. As he stated on several occasions, he was staying sober and away from scandals. In 2009, with the hangover of the Crisis, he ended up divorcing again and, little by little, he was getting tired of the software empire he had built. Two years later, Intel took control of his company in exchange for 100 million dollars. A figure that may seem high, but is far from what it could have entered if it had negotiated better or had a little more patience.

Back to the old ways

In his later years, McAfee was characterized by always being surrounded by controversy and problems with the law, as when in 2012 He left his residence in Belize when the Police were looking for him to question him about the death of a neighbor, a case in which he was not even one of the suspects.

It was on the island that he ended up going back to his old ways. He went back to using drugs and began leading a hectic sex life. He even started dating a 17-year-old prostitute named Amy Emshwiller. But without love, or at least not from the young woman. A millionaire in damn Belize, where people work all day to earn a penny? Who wouldn’t want to steal from him? ”He said in an interview. According to ‘Daily Mail’, for the developer he had a harem on his paradisiacal island of which seven women were part. After a brief stint in Guatemala, McAfee returned to the United States where he met the prostitute Janice Dyson, whom he married and remained until the day of his death.

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The eccentric millionaire even He even announced that he was going to run in the US presidential elections in 2016However, he did not manage to overcome the primaries. He tried again to run in the 2020 elections. However, he ended up fleeing the country in 2019 when he was indicted for crimes of fraud and tax evasion. After being intercepted at the El Prat airport, located in Barcelona, ​​he spent his last days serving his sentence in our country. Until the last moment he was convinced that there was a plot against him by the United States Government for having denounced the corruption of his tax agency.

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