Billie Eilish’s ‘Short Shag’ is the Trendy Haircut for Fall 2021


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That Billie Eilish She is assiduous to surprise with her constant hairdressing changes, it is nothing new. Singer has revolutionized networks again with a new pleo cut that unleashed madness among its thousands of followers around the world and that in just a few hours already exceeded several million interactions.

A few months ago, the artist left behind her green hair, one of her hallmarks, and I bet on the blonde, a change that arose from a post that the 19-year-old saw on social media. «I saw a montage of a fan when I had green hair. It was a photo of me and she edited it with blonde hair and I thought: It’s crazy! I want it that way! So I thought of it as a dream. I did not think it would happen because my hair has been through a lot, I thought I would burn it if I tried, but I did! “, Explained the interpreter of ‘Bad Guy’ in the Ellen DeGeneres program.

The artist does not like looks that go unnoticed, on the contrary, with her image she shows a strong and original personality. However, this time he has not touched the color, but has updated his image by refreshing the cut. «Has chosen a ‘short shag’, above the shoulders, very scaled close to the face, combed with a lot of texture so that the ends of the sides and the bangs go towards the face ”, explains Alfonso Martínez, director of the Hairkrone salons (Madrid). A cut that would reflect the rebellious spirit of the seventies. «Can be reversed with the tips facing out, Farrah Fawcett style, or with a neat and shiny finish with the ends combed inwards over the face, ”continues the expert.

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«Billie Eilish has preferred to wear this cut with a rebellious and casual finish very inspired by punk, something that is also noticeable by the vanilla color, an unnatural tone, which looks in a single color version. The combination of cut and color is undoubtedly one of the coolest trends of the fall, “he says. Amparo Fernandez, director of La Pelu – Amparo Fernández from Cabo de Cruz – Boiro (A Coruña).

Eduardo Sanchez, director of Eduardo Sánchez House agrees that this type of haircut will be one of the most demanded trends for the next season: «The singer walks in favor of the trends that will mark next fall: layers and a master cut as the basis for finding a comfortable look that allows you to comb as much or as little as you want. His is an evolution of the page cut that is much more unstructured and natural, but one that maintains the rounded structure so characteristic of that cut.

Who does it favor and how to wear it?

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Black Baccara Hair Care Pack by Miriam Quevedo (115€)

Regarding the ideal face and hair type To show off this cut, the director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez is resounding: «It is a perfect cut for fine hair, where the feather effect is especially beautiful, or of medium texture. The hair must be straight or with some gesture, but in no case curly. Regarding the type of face, it is not suitable for everyone, it is perfect for oval or angular faces, but in no case round or square faces because the rounded shape of the cut accentuates the features even more ».

To comb it Eduardo Sánchez recommends “applying a texturizing product and drying it in the air or with the head down, hollowing out the roots, to achieve that rock-like look”.

And it is that this type of haircut promises to become one of the most demanded trends of next season, according to the experts. Short, casual and with personality.

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