Black fashion brands to buy and support in 2021


In order not only to preach, but to truly implement true equality, the fashion industry must take responsibility for the lack of diversity over the years and accept the countless accusations of cultural appropriation and racism. There is no other option. When the nation protested in response to the assassination of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, long-overlooked issues became apparent to black communities, forcing the world to take into account the historical abuses committed against them. While many companies pledged to be anti-racist and took steps to increase the presence of blacks on their teams and invest in black talent, Vellies brother Aurora James was one of the first to actually do something about it. The fashion designer demanded the commitment of large companies to buy 15% of the products from black jobs. A long list of companies have since responded to the call to invest in black founders.

If you’ve thought about being united, buying from these brands is just the beginning.

This is just one step in the right direction. When we say that these are the fashion designers you need to know, we do not mean that you have to remember their names. Follow them and their careers – most of the clothes, accessories and jewelry they design are stunningly unique, and many of them are ethically made – extend their name as the CFDA puts it for many. And attract their talents. And remember, this is just a small question. “Do you want to be united? This is what I want,” James wrote in his Instagram post. If you’ve thought about being united, buying from these brands is just the beginning.

You may already have these black fashion brands on your radar, or you may have bought from them before. Consider doing this consistently as a personal commitment to making the fashion world a fair place. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does contain some incredibly interesting and engaging products from various founders. Get ready to bookmark these.

Additional Report by Shelsey Joseph

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