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Blanca Suarez he is in a great professional moment. Since he debuted in 2007 in ‘El Internado’, he has not stopped working. In 2011 she was nominated for the Goya for Best New Actress for her role in ‘La piel que habito’. Later in ‘Las chicas del cable’ his most international pull would arrive; Already in 2020, ‘The summer we live’ or ‘The fourth passenger’ with Álex de la Iglesia in this 2021, in which ‘Jaguar’ also premieres, a series for Netflix set in the Spain of the sixties that tells the story of a young Spanish woman who manages to survive the Mauthausen concentration camp. Definitely, the Spanish actress has captivated audiences over the years for his determination and versatility. Close and direct, she has not stopped working despite the circumstances of the pandemic and feels lucky. «Paradoxically, the general labor panorama is good in that there are many shootings and during this time people have not stopped consuming through platforms. Although it is true that the cinema is costing more », explains Blanca.

Blanca Suárez during a Guerlain act in Madrid
Blanca Suárez during a Guerlain act in Madrid

A success on the screen that has also led her to work with such prestigious houses as Guerlain, of which she has been an ambassador for 4 years. «I have learned a lot during all these years of working with them. It is a privilege to get to know the Maison so thoroughly. I find it fabulous how they combine their ‘savoir faire’, their way of treating luxury and the care they put in all their products with being pioneers in sustainability in the world of beauty. If we are seeing something, it is that it is urgent to take care of the planet, and what brands like Guerlain strive to do so It is something to stand out and with which I feel very identified ». In one of her last collaborations, the actress had the opportunity to travel to the Breton island of Ouessant, one of the purest ecosystems in the world, UNESCO Biosphere Nature Reserve, where the French cosmetic firm discovered the exclusive Black Bee honey, the star ingredient of its line Royal Bee, along with royal jelly and vitamin C and made a commitment to care for bees, which are in danger of extinction today, creating the Guerlain for Bees Conservation Program. «It was quite an experience and even more so having to travel with all the restrictions that exist now. It was a long journey but it was worth it. It has been very surprising», Says the actress.

Care beyond 30

Abeille Royale Aqueous Youth Oil (€ 130 / 50ml)
Abeille Royale Aqueous Youth Oil (€ 130 / 50ml) – © Guerlain

At 32 years old, Blanca Suarez he knows his skin perfectly and it is that so many years of filming between makeup artists and beauty experts, in addition to his work with Guerlain, have undoubtedly provided him with a lot of knowledge. He is aware that the skin must be cared for and that discipline is essential to maintain an effective routine. «I have a combination skin and depending on the moment you are, I notice that it needs different things. I have always avoided greasy textures and one of the things that has surprised me the most about this oil is that it was not greasy at all», Explains about the Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Oil, one of its star products. An oil formulated with Black Bee honey, a nectar rich in amino acids and essential active ingredients very suitable for repairing and restoring the skin, which prevents and reduces the effects of aging. “It is my favorite. I use it twice a day: in the morning, before my face cream, and in the evening, after cleansing. I shake it a little so that its active pearls mix and I always apply it with a small massage: it is my moment of relaxation, my ritual of time for me ».

This oil, along with some of the products of the same line, have become the infallible of your beauty routine. «I usually use it in the morning and at night, but especially before putting on makeup. Maybe you might think that it is not the best, but it is a matte oil and leaves the skin perfect, “he explains.

Methodical daily routine

Blanca Suárez during her trip to Ouessant with the brand
Blanca Suárez during her trip to Ouessant with the brand – © Courtesy of Guerlain

She defines herself as lazy, but over the years she has acquired routines that bring her great results. «Since I was little I have been very lazy with these issues. My mother always chased me insisting on the importance of cleanliness. I have changed many habits over the years and among them cleaning is one of them. Cleaning is undoubtedly the most important step and the actress confesses that she usually does it both in the morning and at night.

When asking for your daily routine, He has it clear: Cleaning in the morning with soap and water. Tonic. Oil and / or serum depending on the condition of your skin. Eye contour and moisturizer. “Once a week I do a peel and a mask, also for special occasions,” says Blanca. When it comes to putting on makeup, she confesses that she does not usually use makeup in her day to day life. I can put a little concealer, but I never wear my face completely made up as at work. In addition, he confesses a little trick to achieve a radiant face without the need for makeup: “Sometimes I mix a few drops of oil with a few drops of makeup to create a kind of BB Cream.”

Food and sport

Blanca Suárez with natural makeup, nude lips and marked eyes
Blanca Suárez with natural makeup, nude lips and marked eyes – © D.R,

Life between filming and commitments leaves little time for her to establish care routines, but Blanca knows the benefits that both sports and nutrition bring her and therefore she tries to follow a routine, without being too strict. «There are times when I feel more willpower and want to balance food, sport and care. But there are times that for work you drag other routines and you have to allow yourself not to be so strict with yourself».

Among your favorite care centers are Carmen Montalbán, Maribel Yébenes and Tacha. While to train, he relies on the discipline and good work of Crys Diaz, alternating both face-to-face sessions and virtually, taking advantage of the small gym that was set up at home during confinement. “I think that as a result of the pandemic we all discovered that if we want to play sports, we can if we propose to do so”says the actress. That he confesses that now he is in one of those moments in which he tries to establish routines and carry them out, “no longer so much because of the physical and aesthetic, but because in the end you feel much better.”

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