British influencers boycott the Government: they change Dubai for Tulum

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Dubai Not only has it become a vaccination paradise for the English after a travel club, the select Knightsbridge Circle, offers its members a luxury package: resort, private jet and vaccine in Dubai for 55,000 euros. In addition, it has always been like a second home for English influencers, their place of relaxation and enjoyment when they want to escape and tan in the sun, and incidentally, to show off their getaway and body on their social networks. Showing a life of luxury increases the number of your followers, your measure of success. But since the British Home Secretary, Pitri Patel, banned travel – except for work – and put the Emirati city on the UK red list, the plans of the Instagram queens have changed.

“We see many influencers on social media showing where in the world they are, mainly in sunny parts of the world. Going on vacation is not an exemption and it is important that people stay home, ”Patel said in the House of Commons. The travel ban caused an exodus of influencers this last week, some of those who were already abroad decided to extend their stay and others instead have preferred to boycott the Government and find another oasis to travel to in the middle of the health emergency that lives the country of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Always stating that these are unavoidable business trips.

Tulum It is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for influencers. The Mexican Caribbean has all the charm necessary to seduce: sun, beaches with crystal clear waters, a climate to envy and endless corners to instagram. It has been in fashion for years, but it is this month when the English Dua Lipa (25 years old) has shown off with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid, brother of the model Gigi, and a group of friends. It is true that she no longer lives in the United Kingdom, but in the United States, but even so she has been highly criticized for this, as she was the first to call in March of last year for people to stay at home and, precisely now, things are not much better.

Lottie Moss, the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, has also recently been to Tulum. It was apparently a business trip, she said, though she was photographed enjoying a party on a yacht earlier this month, drinking and dancing with friends.

Also the television Chloe Sims, from the reality show “The Only Way Is Essex”, which is the latest star to be seen in Tulum. As his Instagram shows, there is no doubt that he traveled for work since he did a photo shoot for a textile firm and stated in his account that it was a job that he could not refuse. “Obviously I will be quarantined in accordance with legal requirements,” he wrote. However, seeing on social networks a picture of the sun with the sea in the background in the middle of the third wave while one is confined at home, arouses a certain animosity.

The debate is served. As with everything, some will actually go to work and many others simply hide at work to unwind in the sun. If to this is added that some kings of Instagram have mocked the restrictions of the United Kingdom -as they have boasted in their social networks-, in the midst of this unprecedented crisis and with such a number of daily deaths, it is not surprising that both Patel and the English press have undertaken a crusade against influencers.

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