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Neither the coronavirus – which has already infected several mountaineers in the base camp -, nor the bad weather, nor the high influx of people. Not even a collapse in the Khumbu Waterfall. Nothing stops the agencies so that their clients can reach the summit of Everest in an atypical spring, the first after the closure forced by the pandemic, which seeks to reconnect with a normality that does not seem to be such in the vicinity of the highest mountain in the world. world.

Used to waiting for the mountain to be ‘sewn’ with the fixed strings To launch the adventure of crowning the top, some of the clients present at the base camp have these days redoubled their commitment to reach the top, regardless of money or sports ethics.

Thus, according to the mountaineer and filmmaker Elia Saikaly, in the last week it has been seen how the helicopter transported several clients from the base camp to the second altitude camp, located approximately 6,500 meters above sea level. A shortcut that further paves the way to the top, avoiding one of the most complicated and dangerous parts of the route, which is the Khumbu Waterfall.

That initial area, made up of large blocks of ice, collapsed last weekend, which cut off the road to the summit and forced to redo the work the Sherpas. An impediment that is not such for wealthy paying customers around 60,000 euros to reach the top of Everest and that they have not hesitated to spend a little more to skip this part of the path.

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It is the latest aberration for aspiring mountaineers, for whom anything goes as long as they get their photo taken at the summit of Everest. Because in addition to the help of the Sherpas, the fixed ropes and the oxygen, it is already worth them until they get half of the way. Perhaps, as some purists of the mountain denounce, in the future it will be enough to get on the helicopter to be left at the top.

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