Caixabank reduces 450 ERE layoffs, to 6,950




The address of CaixaBank has proposed today at the negotiating table with the workers’ legal representation (RLT) to reduce the number of exits necessary for the entity’s restructuring plan to 6,950, which means 450 fewer layoffs than those raised in the last meetings and a total reduction of 1,341 with respect to the initial estimates of surplus. In total, a 16% decrease compared to the 8,291 departures originally proposed.

Specifically, the bank’s latest proposal collects monthly income of 57% of the fixed salary for employees between 56 and 63 years old, and the option raised in the previous meeting of allowing a choice between two options is maintained: fractional collection of 57% of the fixed salary and maintenance of 60% of the savings contributions to the pension plan, or collection of monthly rent of 57% of the total salary -including the variable-, but without savings contributions to the pension plan by the entity .

In addition, in either of the two options, the entity would also pay the agreement with Social Security until the employee reaches 63 years of age.

For those affected aged 54 and 55, the installment payment would amount to 55% of their fixed salary until they reach 61 or 62 years of age.. The possibility for the age group between 56 and 63 years to choose between the fractional payment of a salary base corresponding to fixed remuneration and maintenance of 60% of savings contributions to the pension plan would also be extended to this group. have a fractional payment with a higher base, total remuneration, including the variable, but without new contributions from the entity to the pension plan.

As in the previous age group, the special agreement with Social Security would be paid up to 63 years of age.

The compensation for employees aged 52 and 53 would be a single payment of six times 53% of the fixed salary and those under 52 would be compensated with 35 days per year worked, with a maximum of 24 monthly payments, with seniority bonuses of 7,500 euros for those who have been with the entity for more than ten years, and 2,000 euros for those who do not reach ten years.

The negotiation period will last until June 29 to continue trying to bring positions closer.

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