Calviño asks again for “prudence” before raising the minimum wage to prioritize recovery

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The Vice President of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvin, has once again positioned itself against an imminent rise in the minimum wage. Despite the fact that the report of the committee of experts commissioned by the Ministry of Labor proposes an increase since 2021, Calviño once again demanded “prudence” and made a call to prioritize economic recovery. «The objective is to increase the minimum wage and improve the working conditions of the workers of our country, but at the same time that the momentum of the economic recovery is not jeopardized that has to be our priority at this time, “said the head of Economic Affairs during her appearance at the summer courses at the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) in Santander.

For Calviño, the government’s work must begin by “reincorporating all the workers who are still in ERTE or who lost their jobs and have not found another since last spring.” Calviño, who did show their commitment to achieving the goal of reaching 60% of the average salary During this legislature, he recognized “the complexity of designing a path in an environment of high uncertainty” such as the current one.

In line with the statements of the President of the Government last week, Calviño recalled that since 2019 the Government has promoted una rise in the minimum wage of 30% that “has no comparison” in neighboring countries and he insisted that the Executive are “absolutely committed” to reaching 60% of the average salary for this indicator.

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Measures to lower the light

The head of Economic Affairs admitted that the coalition government is evaluating the implementation of different measures to alleviate “the negative impact” of the rise in electricity generation costs on the bill. Calviño, who did not want to specify which taxes will be lowered, did underline that the measures will be of a temporary nature: “We are a very sensitive government and very aware of the need to protect” vulnerable groups, he said.

About pardons to Catalan independence leaders, Calviño defended the need to “bet on reunion, coexistence, dialogue and harmony” in Catalonia. At the same time, Calviño said that “confidence and political, economic and social stability is an economic asset” and “everything that can contribute” to it “is positive, in principle for economic evolution.”

«Voluntary withdrawals»

During the talk, in which the president of BBVA, Carlos Torres; Calviño also appreciated that the restructuring processes of the banks are being carried out in a negotiated manner with the workers’ representatives and that agreements have been reached in some cases. «They are tremendously traumatic processes for the group of workers of these companies and their families, It is very important and I appreciate that the number of casualties is being reduced and that they are moving towards voluntary casualties. That is the correct line of dialogue and negotiation to address these processes that are always regrettable and negative, “he said.

For his part, the president of BBVA predicted a strong rebound in the economy in the second half of the year. «We believe that the data will beat all forecasts with a recovery greater than expected. That will be the case if we achieve that tourism has a more important growth in the quarter that can lead us to Spain, in 2021, clearly grow above 6% and above 7% in 2022“Torres pointed out.

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At the same time, Torres highlighted the need to undertake the necessary reforms to advance incentives for the private sector to invest. “The banks want to contribute in this process, take a step forward to help our clients, being aware of our responsibility to society,” he added.

Regarding ERE and restructuring, Torres argued that the processes are a response to changes in customer habits, who increasingly communicate digitally with entities. Likewise, the president of BBVA defended that the entity’s performance has been “responsible but capable of improvement”, who pointed out the remuneration of senior managers Bank: “What we want is to explain it better and continue to reinforce our commitment to responsible compensation schemes in line with the times.”

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