Can I travel without PCR if I am vaccinated?






Just four days before summer begins, there are many immunized tourists who wonder if even being vaccinated need to have a negative PCR. Unlike the previous summer, during these holidays the displacements will be easier thanks to the ‘European Digital Covid Certificate’, known as
‘Covid passport’.

All those who have received any of the coronavirus vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and 14 days after inoculation of the last dose. In the case of the Janssen vaccine, this immunity would be reached two weeks after the injection. However, sera present in the list of vaccines accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO), like the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, or china, Sinopharm.

Therefore, quarantines or other restrictive measures cannot be applied to travelers who have received full doses of one of the aforementioned vaccines. Unlike travelers not immunized, so negative PCR will remain a prerequisite. It is important to remember that currently each country has its own prices, which can be very different.

Currently, this certificate is already in force in some Member States, as is the case of Germany, Greece, Croatia, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain.

However, as of 1st of July all the Member States of the European Union, plus the countries ascribed as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can make use of it, with a valid for one year.

The ‘Covid certificate’ will not be a Essential requirements. Indispensable requirements to travel. Although, in it, it will be collected if a person has received the guideline complete coronavirus vaccine, if a PCR or antigens, yes the disease has passed in the last six months and has recovered from it.

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