Can you travel in Europe without a Covid passport?





The European Union gave the green light to European Covid Digital Certificate, or better known as Covid passport. This action was voted in the European Parliament and, recently, it has been approved by 546 votes in favor, 93 against and 51 abstentions.

In this way, as of July 1, all the member states of the European Union, plus the countries ascribed as Iceland,Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. It is a digital certificate with QR that can be obtained on mobile and can also be requested on paper. It is free and each country will deliver it to citizens.

Thus, EU countries will avoid at all costs placing restrictions on all those who have the certificate, which will include the vaccination schedule, the coronavirus tests that have been carried out, as well as the test that has been passed the illness.

Indispensable condition for traveling?

The European Parliament pointed out that the Covid passport is not “a requirement for freedom of movement”, so it will not be possible to discriminate against people who do not have it and it will not be required when traveling. Thus, it is also indicated that the validity of this passport has a duration of twelve months.

Regardless, the restrictions may not end the certificate. The main idea is that do not put limitations, although they are considered in cases where “it is necessary.”

Likewise, the authorities must take into account epidemiological data and must explain to other countries the reasons for implementing restrictive measures. What the EU intends to do with this certificate is «Facilitate» travel of tourists in Europe.

All EU countries will have the obligation to accept these certificates which include vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency, although margin will also be left for them to accept those in which a vaccine authorized for emergency use by the WHO.

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