Capricorn Horoscope August 2022 – Love and Career Predictions


read what the horoscope predictions 2022 of your zodiac sign have in store for you or take a look at them Capricorn personality profile.

Welcome to August darling Capricorn. It can be a challenge for you to give yourself rest. You tend to love your work and have a mind that is constantly creative. Not to mention, sweet sea goat, you can be a little control freak. However, last month you gave in to the lazy summer and took some time off, and it made you feel reborn. As you probably know, we live in tough economic times and unfortunately no astrologer can promise money. On that note, ambitious Capricorn, Circle Thursday, 11.8 in your calendar. This night brings a full moon (full moons mean high points) in wise Aquarius. This lunation suggests receiving positive professional or creative news about long-term projects or an activity you’ve put a lot of effort into finally completing.

On that same date Thursday, 11.8, the romantic planet Venus enters bold Leo. You feel good and that confidence swells into your love life as well. This transit, aided by potentially good news on a full moon, helps you let go of your guard and be open and loving with partners and crushes. You’re great at dividing Capricorn, but sometimes your boundaries can start to look like brick walls. During this time, work on expressing your feelings freely and watch your relationships flourish.

Confidence is a key theme for you this month, Capricorn. You’ll get another boost of boldness when warrior planet Mars, currently in hardworking earth sign Taurus, trine (a favorable aspect) transforming Pluto, currently in your sign Capricorn Sunday, 14.8. Don’t be surprised if you start the week by asking a crush out, asking to meet up with your boss to discuss a raise, or giving yourself the hair makeover you’ve been dreaming of.

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The practical Jungfrau season begins on Monday, 08/22. While Leo season brought travel, socializing and partying, Virgo season sees the end of summer and the beginning of fall. You’re doing well in the Virgo season, Capricorn. Like you, Virgo is hardworking, loyal and a bit of a perfectionist. When you feel grounded and secure in your personal life, whether you’re working less to spend time with your family or applying for a promotion, you can focus on achieving your professional goals. Your job during this time is to examine yourself and make sure you’re meeting their needs, rather than pleasing people or risking burnout by sacrificing rest.

At the end of August, your attention returns to your love life. When Uranus, the zodiac’s rebellious planet, begins its five-month retrograde in sensual Taurus Wednesday, 08/24, bring big changes in your romantic relationships. If you’re single now, at the end of Uranus retrograde, don’t be surprised if you’re lucky in love. Or you may find yourself ending an unfulfilling relationship or improving a current relationship. Two things are certain, one is that change will come and the second is that it is in your best interest so fear not Capricorn. If you’re not sure what you want in love, take advantage of the new moon in Virgo Saturday, 08/27to meditate on the matter as this madness will heighten your intuition.

Blessings in love, Capricorn, and see you next month!

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