Cardi B seamlessly changes diapers in dagger nails and proves she’s just out of this world – see video


If you’ve ever owned long, trimmed tips, you’ve probably heard one of these questions: How do you work with these things? can you type at all how do you use the bathroom Having long nails can be a chore for some, but long manicures can’t faze others who have figured out how to adapt to them. On May 16th, rapper Kash Doll presented a new dilemma especially for long nail lovers who are moms: How the heck do you change a diaper?

Kash asked another rapper Cardi B, known for her extremely long, extravagant acrylic paints, for advice because she is struggling to change her baby’s diaper with Press-Ons. In response, the Bronx rapper shared a helpful one-minute tutorial featuring a stuffed teddy bear, proving that she can do just about anything.

She started the tutorial by opening the teddy bear’s white onesie. Our eyes immediately fell on the red, stiletto-shaped claws that look as bright as a fresh strawberry. She then proceeded to remove the diaper and showed how she likes to wipe, stressing that it’s important to thoroughly clean the baby’s bottom and get into all the little crevices. She brushed the teddy bear lightly with her tomato red nails, and if we had to guess, they’re probably longer than a ball of lipstick.

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In the middle of the cleaning shop, her adorable daughter Kulture popped up and asked in a sweet, raspy voice, “Mom, why are you cleaning her butt?” Cardi responded with a slight giggle and, “It’s a long story.” Once the bear was fully cleaned , she effortlessly put on a fresh diaper. As she reattached the buttons to the onesie, she shared that this is her least favorite part before the video ends.

Cardi B makes changing a diaper look effortless even with her long nails, which perhaps proves that long nails aren’t as unwieldy as some people claim. Or maybe that’s just Cardi’s magic.

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