Carmen Lomana’s crochet pants are from Zara and will transform any beach look


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That elegance and ‘low cost’ fashion are not at odds is a style lesson to take into account and Carmen LomanaDespite having one of the possibly most complete dressing rooms in the territory, he knows well how to carry it. Combine serial garments from large chains such as Zara, Massimo Dutti or Uterqüe, with other pieces of luxury firms is one of the most commented tricks among those who treasure the most envied wardrobes with the latest in Dior, Chanel o Prada.

Carmen Lomana with crochet pants from Zara – © Instagram

The crochet It has been one of the quintessential summer fabrics for decades, closely linked to those seventies airs, of carefree inspiration that season after season reinvents itself to offer its best version. Its strands intertwined in a strategic way, with different shapes, textures and colors perfectly capture that summer relaxation and they build those styles that without complications become special with a crochet garment as the protagonist.

Zara’s pants for less than € 30

A good example of this is one of the latest outfits that the famous Carmen Lomana has shared on his social networks. This is a set of pants Multicolored crochet, with a black ‘crop top’ to counteract and give all the prominence to the Inditex piece.

With a high rise and an elastic waist, the trousers are unlined so they expose the leg and become a comfortable garment that is easy to wear to the beach or pool. With a multicolored horizontal striped print, your price of € 29.95 make it undoubtedly a piece to consider. Esparto wedge sandals will be the perfect footwear to wear this type of pants. Carmen Lomana, bet on a Michael Kors model in golden tones that combines perfectly with the rest of the style.

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