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Malaga, the perfect province to disconnect that has tourism, both sun and beach as a disconnection getaway in a more rural environment. This province has many charming little villages that leave all the visitors who come every year in love. In addition, there are very good options of rural houses in Malaga in these towns, which allows it to become the perfect trip for vacations.


Fishing village that achieved great popularity thanks to ‘Blue summer’ but that still maintains its great charm due to its narrow streets, its monuments and its beautiful beaches. Nerja is born in the middle of a natural landscape that takes away sleep. This coastal town is dropped on the sea, and is walled by the cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo.

It has almost wild beaches and coves that offer the opportunity to disconnect with family or friends. It also highlights the balcony of europewhich offers a panoramic view of the Sierra de Almijara and the cliffs that surround Nerja. Finally, it is very important to visit the caves, a perfect excursion to get in touch with nature, the visit does not last more than an hour.

To get the perfect stay in this beautiful town, Ruralidays offers the best rural houses in the area, making visitors feel more connected to the town.


This town of Malaga is nestled in the Sierra de Mijas, creating a perfect natural setting in which to disconnect at any time of the year. It has beautiful streets to walk through, decorated with a multitude of pots on the white facades. It also highlights the Wall Gardens located in the castle. You can tour the walls and walk through the gardens enjoying magnificent views.

Mijas has also managed to consecrate very curious traditions such as donkey taxis, which have now become a major tourist attraction. In the beginning, the donkeys were used by workers, but little by little they began to attract the attention of tourists and a new service would originate.

The town also has a coastal area, Mijas has a large number of beaches such as: Almirante Beach or Moon Beach, among other.


Ronda, a perfect getaway to enjoy a good vacation. This beautiful town is located on top of the plateau, and separated by a huge gorge that reaches 150 meters. In order to unite the new neighborhood with the old, a huge bridge was built in 1751, which has been considered for many years the highest in the world. Without a doubt, it is one of the most typical and repeated photos of Ronda due to its spectacular nature.

Don’t miss out on visiting Juan Bosco’s house, which belonged to a childless couple who would end up donating it to the Salesian order. Other places of interest such as House of the Moorish King, Walls of Ronda or Plaza de la Duquesa de Parcent. Finally, the Arab baths are another of the obligatory places to stop. They are kept in very good condition and deserve to be visited to end the visit.

The towns of Malaga are the perfect getaway to rest and spend unforgettable holidays with friends and family while enjoying nature.

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