Courteney Cox is Monica, from Friends, in real life and she shows it with a video about order in her house




Monica Geller She could have been the American Marie Kondo if she’d gotten down to it. The character played by Courteney Cox in the popular series Friends it was very neat and even a bit obsessive with organizing her things and the house. What we didn’t know until now was that she herself, the actress who brought her to life on screen, it is also in real life.

Cox has shown it through his instagram account, by uploading a video on Reels with the challenge Tell me that you are a Monica without telling me that you are a Monica. I first” and showing pictures of her kitchen drawers and shelves.

In them you can see, for example, how you have cutlery and other utensils, all silver from the same game, perfectly placed in a drawer; the spices placed in identical cans labeled in another drawer in the kitchen and the pantry neat with pots and baskets. The actress concludes the recording by saying “I know”, alluding to the fact that the first Monica Geller is herself.

Quickly his fans have imitated his video on social media showing ways and methods to sort and organize things and food in the kitchen and Cox’s initiative has gone viral.

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