Crafts to give to the best mother in the world

  • 1) Flower pop up for mom

    This craft proposed by Lucía Sánchez, author of «50 crafts to do with your child», is simple and very attractive.

    You’ll need:

    ✂️colorful papers

    ✂️a cardboard to make a card

    ✂️ tissue paper for flowers

    ✂️glue and scissors.

    The main trick for the flowers to appear when the card is opened is the way to stick them, but I think you can see it perfectly in the video. To know how to do it, you can watch this video:

    Tarjeta Pop-Up día de la madre

  • 2) Paper Heart Flowers

    What materials do we need?

    ✂Colored paper


    ✂Clean pipes

    The proposal for the Viva el cole school supplies and stationery page is a bouquet of paper flowers.

    To start, and with the help of dad, you have to cut the paper in the shape of a heart. With a punch, you make a hole in the bottom of the heart.

    Several hearts are joined to form the flower and the pipe cleaner is inserted through the little hole made with the punching machine through the button.

  • 3) Roses made with egg boxes

    What do we need?

    ✂Egg boxes




    The roses made with egg boxes is the next proposal of the Vivaelcole portal. How do we do it? Remember that always with the help of parents.

    It is about cutting the roses following the shape of the petals of a rose. They are painted, and they join in a cluster, forming the bud of the rose.

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  • 4) Personalized breakfast mug

    This craft is a proposal from the Delipapel blog. For this you need:

    ✂ Plantillas silk screen…

    ✂ Paints for porcelain or glass

    ✂ A white mug

    Today I show you how they work with porcelain or glass paints to paint a mug for Mother’s Day.

    First we cut out the pattern that we want to print from our templates.

    Then we place the template, being adhesive it is great because it does not move and it is perfectly placed on curved surfaces, like this mug.

    We put a little paint and spread. Remember that it gets up as if we were turning the page of a book, from right to left.

    We repeat with the different models around the cup.

    Remember that you have to wash the templates immediately, so that the paint does not dry.

    And ready …!

  • 5) Watercolor for mom

    You’ll need

    ✂Watercolor paper (thicker than usual)

    ✂Talens watercolor paints

    ✂ Brushes

    ✂ Glass of water

    This Milbby proposal is a children’s drawing (with the help of another adult), something that certainly never fails on Mother’s Day. In this case we bring you a greeting card painted with Talens tube watercolors.

    Once there, we selected watercolor paper as the material.

    To paint we have used Talens tube watercolors. These watercolors are super easy to apply and also have super pretty and vibrant colors.

    In the same way as the watercolors in pills, to use them we need a wet brush.

    Creativity to power!

  • 6) Mommy bags

    Another proposal that Delipapel suggests is the mother’s day bag made by children. Needed:

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    ✂Long white tote bags for children to paint and thus make a super special gift and … also very useful for mothers !!

    ✂Panti fabric

    ✂Your child’s hands

    We paint the palm of the child’s hand with the paint, put it in the bag, and the drawing would be ready. We let it dry … and there is the bag to put inside the big bag and always have it ready.

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