Cristina Pedroche’s ‘naked’ dress to advance the Chimes

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As if it were one more tradition, the styling with which Cristina Pedroche says goodbye to the last night of the year has become one of the most anticipated moments of December 31. With an important marketing campaign behind her to warm up engines and attract the attention of the audience, Cristina has spent several days advancing small details of what can be seen that night during the broadcast of the Chimes on Antena 3. On his visit to ‘The Anthill’ to talk about the famous night that has raised her to stardom, Pedroche surprised the public again with a very striking dress, a style for which he once again trusted his friend Josie, also the author of the New Year’s Eve looks.

As soon as he appeared on the scene in a dress that simulated a naked body, Pablo Motos was quick to comment «If this is the dress you tares to the anthill, how is the one with the chimes going to be… You are gorgeous». To which Cristina replied: “If I come I come, but with everything”pointing to his clothing.

The design in question is the work of the Catalan designer Sergio Castano Pena, a 27-year-old man born in El Prat de Llobregat and settled in London, who has worked for firms such as Clothes The Unequal; and has collaborated with artists such as Tommy Cash. His eye-catching designs became world famous after dressing the singer Nathy Peluso for one of his last tours. Artists like lola indigo He has also worn his daring designs.

Nathy Peluso and Lola Índigo with designs by Sergio Castaño Peña
Nathy Peluso and Lola Índigo with designs by Sergio Castaño Peña – Instagram

the of Cristina Pedrochein question was an ankle-length dress with asymmetrical straps at the top and a very realistic nude print. But not only her dress attracted attention, the presenter accompanied her styling of a new and radical change of look with a very flattering ‘bob’ haircut wig.

And it is that after broadcasting the promotional video of the New Year’s Eve Chimes in which the presenter appears cutting her hair and leading one to think that she is shaving it, Cristina commented: «This is a wig but it is not noticeable because it is one of the good ones. I don’t want it to be known what’s under here […] This year more things will happen around and it is not only the dress that will be the protagonist ».

Among the details that he revealed about his next style for the last night of the year, he highlighted that the size will not be a problem and that he will not wear fabric as such, again leaving many unknowns in the air: «Nothing happens because he eats, there is no size problem. It wouldn’t matter if I gained even 10 kilos», explained Pedroche.

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