Davidovich wins a battle to the limit to measure himself with Medvedev



Already with the May sun warming up so beautiful, Alexander Davidovich beat Pierre-Hugues Herbert in a dizzying match, demanding at the highest level and that lasted until three hours and into three sets (6-7 (5), 7-6 (4) and 7-6 (4)) , enchanted the stands of this outer court 4, so close to the players that you can almost touch them. It was also

The Spanish, 21, and the French, 30, played a meeting on the edge, with both very strong with their service and without offering too many break opportunities to the contrary. Davidovich arranged some more but Herbert defended himself well. So much so that the first two sets had no choice but to finish in the tie break. And there, where any mistake can mean the game, the French took the first joy, but the Spanish tied in the second to decide the match in a third manga just as frenzied.

Although there were breaks in the third quarter, the two exchanged the same number so that the fans could enjoy a final tie break that had the Spanish against the ropes, 1-4, from which he got up supported by the stands to celebrate his pass to the next round. It will be the rival against which it is released Daniil Medvedev.

«It was a very difficult game. He had a laziness in the third set, but I have not been able to take advantage of it much: it has been a Pretty cool battle to be my first victory here at the Mutua Madrid Open. I am very happy with how I have been able to do it », commented the man from Malaga. “We knew Herbert was going to beat me one game faster. But it has been decided in the three tie breaks, between a bit of luck and with a little more aggressiveness it has been removed, “he analyzed.

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«I trained with Medvedev indoors and a ball doesn’t miss. But we are on the ground, at home and quite motivated. It will be up to him to say that he does not like the land. He plays well on all surfaces and here his fast court shots can serve him well, “he commented on his next round against the Russian. «Physically I am very well. There is a mental part that influences a lot and we have also worked on it. So I’m fine. The games at the center are going to come if I keep playing well. It will be a reward for all the work that I’m doing. I’m looking forward to it. We will try to make the best possible game if I play there, “he admitted.

There was a moment ‘I couldn’t stand up when I was falling. I have not given much importance to it. I like to fuck myself. I want to prepare for when grass comes, “he said with a laugh when asked about the fall. “Even ATP physios ask me, ‘What? Don’t you fall today? ‘», I laughed.

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