Del Rivero points to Fainé and Brufau and asks for their imputation for the espionage of Villarejo

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Luis del Rivero, former president of Sacyr, goes on to attack the top leaders of Caixabank and Repsol in 2011 for the alleged espionage commissioned by both companies to Jose Manuel Villarejo to avoid the assault of the construction company, together with Pemex, the board of directors of the energy company. He asks for the imputation of both Isidro Fainé and Antonio Brufau, then presidents of both companies, respectively. This is stated in a letter, to which ABC has had access, sent last night by Del Rivero’s defense to Judge Manuel García Castellón, who is investigating the call ‘Wine Project’, the separate piece number 21 of the Tandem macrocause.

This piece deals with the follow-up of Del Rivero and his surroundings by Cenyt, the company of the ex-commissioner Villarejo. From the proceedings in the summary, the defense of the former president of Sacyr, led by Jaime Campaner, concludes that “it was the presidents of both corporations who ordered their hierarchical inferiors to hire the services of a police commissioner who – needless to say, being public and notorious – was on active duty ».

“The analysis of what happened in this piece reveals the involvement of Mr. Fainé in the crimes under investigation,” the letter indicates, referring to an Internal Affairs official that transcribes the annotations seized in the entries and records. And the defense adds that these elements allow affirming “the indiciario knowledge and the zenith participation” of the former president of Caixabank. In this sense, it should be remembered that the former head of Security of the entity, Miguel Ángel Fernández Rancaño, declared as a defendant in the National Court that he dispatched these orders with his superiors, in reference to Fainé.

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Likewise, Del Rivero mentions in his letter a report prepared while the case was secret by Repsol’s Chief Compliance Officer. Regarding this document, the defense of the former president of Sacyr concludes that “it has a potential incriminating charge” on the two leaders in 2011 (Fainé is now president of the La Caixa Foundation and Brufau remains in front of Repsol). In this sense, the brief presented last night understands that the relationship of both executives is “corroborated and supported by material sources of evidence (findings of the entries and records) and personal (testimonies of Messrs. Massanell and Fernández Rancaño) , and it has not been denied in Repsol’s internal investigation ”.

“Some regular conversation”

In the letter, Del Rivero also points out and asks for the imputation of Luis Suarez de Lezo, then secretary of the Repsol board of directors, of which he assures that “he knew more details than the head of security and, above all, was in control of the event, without prejudice to the control and direction of Mr. Brufau.”

Thus, the defense assures that «there are multiple and very varied indications that point to the relevant and essential participation of Mr. Brufau in the hiring of the active commissioner Mr. Villarejo to obtain the rupture of the Pemex-Sacyr pact without sparing illicit methods, from the actual hiring of the public official to the criminal intrusion into the privacy of Mr. Del Rivero. And he returns to the aforementioned Repsol CCO report, on which the letter indicates that it indicates “Some regular conversation” between presidents of both companies to go hand in hand in the commission to Cenyt.

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In this sense, the defense of Del Rivero points out that Suárez de Lezo would have consulted the order with his boss, Brufau, “from which he obtained the authorization and, therefore, the order of the illegal hiring with all its consequences.”

Declaration of Villarejo

Former commissioner Villarejo declared just yesterday as a defendant in this case at the National Court. In short, he acknowledged the assignment allegedly carried out by Caixabank and Repsol, although in his case he did not point to any relationship with the top executives.

He said that his jobs were due to the work he did as an undercover agent, while explaining that his contacts were limited to the two security chiefs at that time of the two Ibex 35 companies. He did not deal directly with either Fainé or Brufau, to which Del Rivero clearly points out in his last brief presented in court.

Villarejo explained that he knows where to get data for the assignments that were made to him and that he never dived in person at the police bases to collect information. In line with the thesis that he usually maintains in other statements for other pieces, the former commissioner once again pointed to the CNI as a source of the information that he had.

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