Díaz announces more Labor inspections to fight precariousness among the youngest






The Government will promote labor inspections to combat the precariousness and temporary nature of young workers, as reported this Monday by the third vice president and minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz, and the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione BelarraAfter signing an agreement between the State Labor and Social Security Inspection Agency (Oeitss) and the Youth Institute (Injuve) that will promote the protection of young people in access to employment and the work environment.

«Being young cannot again be a factor of exclusion when it comes to accessing a decent job. We have to collectively rewrite a social contract that guarantees stable and quality employment for our youth ”, highlighted in the act the third vice president and minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, while the head of Social Rights pointed out that“ we want you to have a job, of course, but we also want you to have a good job ”.

Thus, the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate, the public body under the Ministry of Labor that ensures respect and defense of labor regulations, will launch specific actions designed to verify that the working conditions of younger workers are met.

The agreement provides specific training actions for workers in the youth field, so that they have a thorough knowledge of the functions, purpose and purpose operation of the Labor Inspectorate and can transmit it to young workers. In order to combat job insecurity, the legal mechanisms for formal complaint and communication to the fraud mailbox available to the inspection will be disseminated. The objective is to promote its use by young workers when they deem it appropriate.

To disseminate these mechanisms, the Injuve website and its social networks will be used above all. «This firm that we are attending today, between the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate and the Injuve, is a very important milestone in redefining our obligations to Spanish youth », stressed in her speech Yolanda Díaz, who was accompanied at the event by the general director of the State Agency for Labor and Social Security Inspection, Héctor Illueca, and the general director of the Youth Institute, María Teresa Pérez.

Minister Belarra has insisted that “it is an agreement that will focus on ending abuses and job insecurity young people live. Depending on the needs that are detected, campaigns related to the labor rights of young people and the fight against precariousness will be developed, one of the objectives that the Ministry of Labor has set in its commitment to improve the labor market for the youngest sector of the population.

«Our task today is promote all job opportunities, of training, of the future, which should lead to the collective rewriting of that social contract and the guarantee of quality and stable employment for our youth, “added the Minister of Labor. The agreement is framed within the guidelines set by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy to promote decent work and fight against fraud.

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