Doctors warn of the negative effects of excess gifts received in Reyes by minors





After a week of the celebration of the Three Kings Day, specialists from the Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella have warned of the negative effects that an overabundance of gifts causes on minors. Among them, they point to the disinterest in the little ones for the gifts they have just received.

For specialists, this attitude can be the consequence of overstimulation that causes the slightest inability to establish an adequate preference for new toys, that is, they cannot manage that excess. “It is an increasingly frequent behavior in developed societies known as Hyper-gifted child syndrome,” explains the psychologist at the Quirónsalud Marbella and Campo de Gibraltar hospitals, Ildefonso Muñoz Herrera.

The expert underlines the emotional component, especially of love and affection with which parents usually prepare these gifts, but warns that “you have to be careful with excess since, as in all facets of life, more does not mean best”.

Ildefonso Muñoz emphasizes that the excess of gifts tends to cause a posteriori negative consequences contrary to the values ​​that are to be instilled in the child «such as the loss of interest in the gift or the low tolerance for frustration because they get used to receiving everything that they wish.

In this sense, the psychologist at the Quirónsalud Marbella and Campo de Gibraltar hospitals stresses that “minors used to excess gratification on special dates such as Christmas, birthday celebrations or good grades at school or institute they often lose perspective on the non-monetary value of things».

Muñoz Herrera offers parents a guideline to follow known as the rule of the four gifts: one that is practical and can be used regularly, one that is necessary, one that you really want and one that is educational and guarantees the development of your imagination and creativity.

Finally, the psychologist suggests alternative, non-material gifts that involve experiences such as “Trips, visits to amusement parks or getaways”. In these activities, he adds, “family ties or ties with loved ones that remain etched in the memory are reinforced.”

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