Doncic’s reaction after missing a decisive shot after another great performance

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Luka Doncic still sweet in terms of scoring. After you have registered your record in the NBA A few days ago, with 46 points against the New Orleans Pelicans, he again exceeded the quarantine against Portland Trail Blazers with 44 points that, however, were not enough for the Mavs to win the game.

In fact, there is an image of the meeting that is giving a lot to talk about and reflects Doncic’s competitive nature. After another great game leading his team, the Slovenian could not crown his performance with a score of three in the last seconds of the game that would have meant a tie on the scoreboard and subsequent overtime.

His mistake spelled the end of Dallas’ winning streak of four straight wins. A failure that left a devastated Doncic on the court. It didn’t matter if I felt confident or not. I thought it was inside. It came in and out so I was disappointed and that’s my fault. I should have shot better, “he said later.

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