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The relationship between fashion and the seventh art it is more than reciprocal, since they have needed and influenced each other practically since their existence. That is why in these times, where television productions increasingly occupy a larger space In entertainment grills, it is common for the characters -especially if they are series or films with a lot of vein- end up with influence the preferences of society.

And that is precisely part of the charm of fashion, a way in which includes small brush strokes from different areas of our reality to configure a true means of communication with which it is not necessary to speak.

The trends of the moment are characterized by combining more style currents than ever, for that reason in the collections of fashion firms there are garments that include from vintage style to sports going through the most classic and minimalist dyes. If this point is taken as a reference, it is not difficult to imitate the style of the characters of the most iconic series of the moment.

You just need pay attention, identify the trend and have a good critical eye to to choose the right combinations. For those looking for inspiration, we summarize the key points to keep in mind so that the dressing rooms have nothing to envy those of the protagonists of these five plots.

‘The Bridgertons’

Light blue chiffon flowy dress, by Via for Zalando.  Price: € 49.90
Light blue chiffon flowy dress, by Via for Zalando. Price: € 49.90 – © Netflix / Zalando

Netflix production has meant, in addition to a revolution in the television field, the rebirth of the more ‘rococo’ trends that became so fashionable more than a decade ago with the premiere of ‘Maria Antonieta’ directed by Sofia Coppola. Daphne Bridgerton’s closetis sweetness in state sheer with empire-cut dresses, frilly sleeves, baby collars and pastel shades. However, there is no shortage of more sensual finishes with plunging necklines – her favorites are the Bardot and dropped shoulders – and corseted bodies. A winning combination whose success lies in balance.

In her case, imitating her looks is quite easy thanks to the current proposals of the ‘fast fashion’ firms, among which the chiffon dresses with fall, tops with whales, blouses with wide collars and midi skirts with volume. Include velvet or satin headbands and a pair of multi-colored gemstone teardrop earrings it is also a success.

‘The Undoing’

Chenille and Jacquard print coat, by Uterqüe.  Price: € 179
Chenille and Jacquard print coat, by Uterqüe. Price: € 179 – © HBO / Uterqüe

Grace Fraser’s style (played by Nicole Kidman) on the HBO series it moves away from that of the New Yorkers to use. If normally the hoodie along with garments in neutral tones tend to star in most of the looks of the inhabitants of the Big Apple, in their case the wardrobe is presented with boho airs and more glamorous brushstrokes with a range of color that does not go unnoticed. Fuchsias, greens, oranges and contrasts in the fabrics in which silk, velvet and chiffon predominate. The reason for such variety is the work of a stylist far from American standards, the Danish Signe Sejlund, whose objective has been focused on the protagonist not going unnoticed without losing elegance.

To set up a proposal similar to yours, in addition to including various coats with character -of those that are capable of revitalizing even the simplest outfits- you cannot miss the flowing blouses, vintage belts, dresses with embroidery, patterned scarves, XXL earrings as well as bags of considerable dimensions and more rustic finishes.

‘Lady’s Gambit’

Mini babydoll dress with geometric print, from Zara.  Price: € 25.95
Mini babydoll dress with geometric print, from Zara. Price: € 25.95 – © Netflix / Zara

One of the most curious points of the series is the way in which the costumes evolve with Beth Harmon, the protagonist. If in his youthful years the most childish silhouettes in which the figure barely stood out gained ground, as he grows and gains confidence, the garments become more striking and feminine. The most cutting-edge references of the sixties materialize especially in the last episodes with all kinds of psychedelic prints on miniskirts and trapeze dresses, blouses with geometric prints, flared pants, jumpers, shorts and sophisticated accessories such as gloves or hats.

Currently it is not very difficult to find vintage air garments and prints of the time. Among the basics that cannot be absent when emulating the chess player are the two piece suits – both skirt and trousers- prints, babydoll dresses in acid tones, elephant foot jeans, a pair of patent leather shoes with a bracelet, ballerinas and a pair of Carey-rimmed glasses.

‘Sex in New York’

Metallic draped strapless neckline dress from & OtherStories.  Price: € 89.
Metallic draped strapless neckline dress from & OtherStories. Price: € 89. – © Still from ‘Sex and the City’ / & Other Stories

Each of its four protagonists shows a very marked character that is perfectly represented with the clothes, where Carrie Bradshaw stands out thanks to her unpredictable wardrobe. His style shares with Kidman’s style certain similarities such as powerful colors and fabric games, but in her case, both dresses and reinvented men’s suits abound. Carrie’s specialty is reinventing trends that once triumphed thanks to more extravagant brushstrokesI know that they transform them and give them a transgressive air.

Although a couple of ‘Manolos’ are not available to everyone, a dressing room similar to his can be easy to get if you include the odd one pair of stilettos in strong tones like electric blue, yellow or bubblegum pink. Nor can the pencil skirts and tailored pants with satin finishes, flowered dresses with volumes and an eighties bullfighter with large shoulder pads.

‘Emily in Paris’

Floral dress with lace collar, by Pinko.  Price: € 125
Floral dress with lace collar, by Pinko. Price: 125 € – © Netflix / Pinko

Emily’s looks reflect the way in which the rest of the world, with the exception of Parisians, conceives the concept of ‘French chic’. And is that none of the stereotypes of its trends are missing: berets, t-shirts with sailor stripes, lace dresses, tweed jackets and all kinds of vintage accessories. In their sets the ‘mix & match’, both fabrics and colors, and shapes is what makes each of the sets special, a point to take into account if you want to imitate their style.

In this case, all kinds of minidresses with ultra feminine shapes, denim jackets, suede bikers, blazers with opulent fabrics (and if they can be in pink tones, better), shirts with transparencies, a pastel tweed suit and a wide range of salons ranging from classic black to metallic tones. We must not forget either, in addition to the berets, the bucket hats, neckerchiefs and padded bags with chains.

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