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From the tallest structure to the world’s largest picture frame and the world’s largest natural flower garden, this city has a lot to offer.

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while Antarctic Peninsula Cruises Allowing travelers to explore the marine world and offering a variety of activities such as kayaking, camping and hiking, Dubai can blow your mind with its innovation and technology. You can prepare for your next vacation at Dubai Museum of the Future. Here you can see some of the world’s most ambitious and cutting-edge projects that will be unveiled at this year’s World Expo.

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A brief history and mission statement for the museum of the future

The slogan of this museum is “See the future, build the future”. DFF (Dubai Future Foundation) is a government foundation established by the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to help shape the region’s key sectors.

At the 2014 World Government Summit in Dubai, a series of temporary thematic exhibitions on the design of the museum of the future were presented. The museum has developed and showcased several immersive themes and technologies with multi-sensory experiences, including climate change, food safety, and health care.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: “This new permanent museum will act as an incubator for real ideas and initiate important discoveries. It is currently the largest platform of its kind to discover future trends and develop possibilities for the future. When you visit here briefly, you will understand where Dubai plans to go in the future.

An overview of Dubai Museum of the Future

Already named one of the most innovative structures in the world, this futuristic museum is sure to become a popular tourist destination.

It provides visitors with a glimpse into the future of technology and human creativity through hands-on exhibits, spectacular installations, and extraordinary innovations that have yet to be made available to the world.

In addition to the magnificent installations and displays, there are seven levels to explore. It is also a great place for children to learn about technology and its possibilities. What would a society where robots take care of the elderly look like? “Can Artificial Intelligence Help Humans Achieve Superhuman Skills Like Sprinting Faster Than Normal?” These are just some of the questions the Museum of the Future asks visitors to consider.

Here is the design and architecture of the Future Museum of Dubai.

Those who have seen pictures of it or glimpsed its development know that its distinctive architecture is one of its best features. It was developed by Killa Design and is particularly notable for its torus shape, which resembles an oval-shaped shiny silver ring with a wide open center.

Fittingly, the design has already received significant honors, earning all the necessary points to be classified as a LEED-certified structure. This building has three main components: the green hill, the structure and the open or empty area. In addition to the quality and complexity of the architecture, every aspect is supported by a powerful theme.

While the lush green hill (on which the structure is located) represents the land, the ultra-stylish building represents man’s creativity and exceptional ability to adapt to his environment. Add to this the exquisite Arabic script written on its exterior, which is a symbol of humanity’s appreciation and love for art and creativity. Empty space or space represents the boundless imagination and invention of the future.

Why is this museum so exceptional?

Shape: It has an unusual oval shape with a stunning shiny steel exterior. Floors are the only horizontal structures here.

view: The combination of the architectural design of the building and the script written on it has made the museum to be known as a futuristic lighthouse and an architectural wonder, and has taken a place among the most imaginative and beautiful buildings in the world.

architecture – The 77-meter stainless steel and glass building consists of 1,024 individual panels constructed by robots and computer algorithms. The number of panels is remarkable in its own right. This symbol is the basic unit of computer digital information storage system, one kilobyte, equal to 1024 bytes.

Topic: SEE THE FUTURE, BUILD THE FUTURE – Arabic script windows illuminate the interior by day and the city skyline by night with 14km of energy-efficient, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Future Travel Experience Museum in Dubai

What makes this new attraction so interesting?

There are so many fascinating things in the museum that we can’t decide where to start! Can we start with the architecture discussion? You never have to worry about your next museum trip. Its unusual torus design stands out among other tall buildings.

Killa Design, a local architecture firm known for creating some of the world’s most intricate and iconic structures, developed the glass building. Its round shape symbolizes humanity, its base represents the earth, and its central space represents the unknown future.

You can also see the Arabic calligraphy paintings made by the famous Emirati artist “Matar bin Lahj” on the steel facade of “Future Museum”. These are authentic lines from Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The structure is partially built by robots and computer-controlled machines. Discuss advanced inventions!

7 things to do at Dubai Museum of the Future

the future

In the Journey to the Future exhibit, guests can experience being an astronaut at an altitude of 600 kilometers above the earth. Become a space explorer and learn about the duties of astronauts in space. See how renewable energy may be generated from lunar resources.

tomorrow today

Explore the game-changing technologies that have the potential to change the course of human history. Tomorrow Today’s display changes over time as new knowledge is acquired, discoveries are made and new technologies are developed.

arch of life

In the Vault of Life, there is a DNA archive. Many species and wonders of nature are researched in this place. Learn how to help reduce the effects of climate change.

Amazon Digital

Explore the Amazon rainforest in a mixed reality recreation like never before. You will see hundreds of animals and insects with the naked eye.

The future of health

Visitors to this exhibition will have the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and connect with their mind, body and soul.


Immerse yourself in the center and experience the soothing and healing properties of movement, meditation and water. Take a minute to reset under the dome of light and water, which simulates the surface of the ocean from below. The center is a multi-sensory exhibition designed to restore and reset the natural rhythms of life.

Future heroes

This exhibition is dedicated to future heroes – children. They will explore an imaginary world that emphasizes future skills by encouraging exploration and play. In the Future Heroes exhibit, children are invited to participate in “missions” that encourage them to work together to achieve a common goal. Interestingly, the exhibit aims to promote a screen-free play and exploration zone.


With the most innovative exhibits out there, this museum is sure to amaze you with futuristic themed shows. Be sure to put the Museum of the Future on your list of things to do in Dubai, whether you’re a fan of advanced science and hi-tech or just interested in the city’s fascinating architectural wonders. With the right Dubai visa, accommodation and activities booked in advance, traveling to Dubai is easier and more fun than you think.

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