Ecoener, the first renewable to go public this year, falls 15% on its debut

Javier González Navarro




The Galician renewables company Ecoener debuted today on the stock market with a fall of 15.25%. With 30 years of experience in the development, construction and operation of renewable facilities, Ecoener is the The first company in the sector to hit the market since October 2020, and the second overall in 2021 after the recent Línea Directa.

After the symbolic ringing of the bell by its founder and president, Luis de Valdivia, the Ecoener titles began the session at 5.90 euros and ended at 5 euros. Meanwhile, the Ibex closed down 0.71%.

For this new stage, the founder of the company, Luis de Valdivia, has formed a prestigious board of directors, with the presence of former ministers Ana Palacio and Eduardo Serra, as well as Inés Juste (vice president of the CEOE and of the Adecco Foundation) and Juan Carlos Ureta (co-founder and president of Rent 4 Bank), among others. The company will not pay a dividend for the next three years, as it will reverse its cash flow in the development of new projects.

Curiously, at the end of October 2020 there was the only IPO in two years, that of the also renewable Soltec. This Murcian company debuted at 4.82 euros per share and rose 11% that day. In January it reached its all-time high: 14.8 euros.

The next renewable to debut on the floor will be Opdenergy, next Friday, a company that was born in 2005 and is based in Madrid.

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