«El Capote», the clothing brand that triumphs among famous Spaniards





The fashion firm “El Capote” is celebrating after celebrating its tenth anniversary by betting on a one hundred percent Spanish style. His founder Rafael Dona, together with his wife Carolina Lopez, has given an interview with ABC in which he talks about these ten years of the brand, considered today as a benchmark in “country-chic” fashion in our country. «Our clothing brand is a tribute to bullfighting, to Spain and its culture. A very large, unique and singular country ”, he proudly tells through a telephone conversation.

A business dream that began in honor of some of the most famous members of his family, including such figures as Shepherdess Empire, Gitanillo de Triana, bullfighter Hector Alvarez or the bailaora Pastora Vega. Proof of this is the physical store they have at Claudio Coello, 46. A kind of “store / museum”, as its founder describes it by the number of photographs that decorate its walls. «Our store is very different from everything. It is like an Andalusian town with paved ground, esparto blinds and family memories, “he says. Among the images you can see some jewels such as the photograph in which Pastora Imperio appears with Dalí, some of Manolete, and numerous famous bullfighters dressed for work. “Even if it’s just to see the memories, it’s worth it,” he explains.

A firm that little by little has made a place for itself among Spanish fashion and that has numerous ambassadors who walk their garments through events and social events. Some as Finito from Córdoba And his wife, Arancha del Sol, Francisco and Cayetano Rivera, Enrique Ponce O Santiago Abascal they have worn their shirts, polo shirts, ties and vests on numerous occasions. Although without a doubt his great achievement came with King Don Juan Carlos and later his son, the King Don Felipe.

Special mention for Bertin Osborne who, in addition to being the image of the firm, has designed a men’s collection: “We have an excellent relationship with him, we’ve known each other for years.” And it is that the singer and television presenter does not miss the opportunity to show off his collection in the different episodes of his program “My house is yours” (Telecinco).

Bertín Osborne with the founders of «El Capote»
Bertín Osborne with the founders of «El Capote» – Instagram


In this difficult year that we left behind, Rafa Dona has shown that success is the result of a life of hard work and sacrifice. «In these months what we have done has been work much more. Our luck is that we started online ten years ago, we are very strong in social networks ”, he assures in relation to the closing of businesses during the months that the confinement lasted. «With ‘El Capote’ we have created something more than a brand. We have created a brotherhood that we love our flag, our customs, our Easter and our festivals, “he says proudly.

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