Elegance and sensuality squandered the collections of Angel Schlesser and Isabel Sanchís

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The 73rd edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid catwalk is coming to an end. On this last day of the consecrated designers there will be a double by the designer Juan Carlos Mesa, who opens and closes the catwalks today in pavilion 14 of Ifema, first with the signature Angel Schlesser, of which he has been creative director since June 2020, when he replaced Daniel Rabaneda in the position, and closes the day with his own firm, Mesa House. A feat and a favorite for the few who have been able to attend this parade due to the effects of the pandemic.

Final pose of the signature Angel Schlesser – Of San Bernardo

The Madrid designer has managed to fit like a glove in this famous fashion firm in a very short time. In just two months, he was able to take the firm to the top of the last edition of this Madrid catwalk by winning the award for best collection. “Not always being in charge of a consolidated house is synonymous with success, but in this case yes,” he said when taking over the position. The founder of the firm, created in 1983, will be proud of the result, although now he is totally disconnected from it due to his mismanagement in 2016 that made him sell 51 percent of it.

Schlesser cape coat
Schlesser cape coat

This time, Juan Carlos Mesa has counted for the presentation of its garments with the collaboration of which it has been a sponsor for twenty years of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, The real. The cosmetics firm is celebrating 50 years, and has wanted to remember the slogan that became mythical and that is still remembered: ‘Because we are worth it’. Thus, he pays tribute to all women. Those Schlesser women that Juan Carlos Mesa knows how to dress. Urban and elegant women, with strength in the fabrics and in the proportion of the volumes. It is what he considers an avant-garde classic style. What best defines the designer.

Feminine women with a touch of masculinity. Elegant and bearing, as their models for this occasion have made us see on the tables: Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Francine Galvez, the model Cristina Piaget, the Venezuelan model and now designer, who was a finalist in the television program ‘Masters of Sewing’, Yelimar, and the best Spanish athlete, Ruth Beitia, who was also celebrating when the Court of Arbitration for Sport awarded her the bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games. A party.

Dressed with architectural designs inspired by the beginning of the century, specifically, in the Bauhaus school, it has been creating classic structures with a touch of avant-garde, so that they do not lose currency, in noble materials and with geometric patterns and pure lines, which give that woman who ‘everything is worth’ comfort and functionality.

Isabel Sánchís

The catwalk looked like a big red carpet, because after Ángel Schlesser the Valencian took the catwalk Isabel Sanchís, with a brilliant collection of intense silhouettes and sculptural volumes. The party that we are missing on the street due to the pandemic was put on by her and her daughter Paula – a great tandem – in Pavilion 14 of Ifema.

He liked it in his debut in the previous edition, and in this one he has not disappointed at all. “The garments that I am most delighted with on this occasion are the tulle skirts and on them a silicone modeling. It would be what would stand out the most ”, he told us moments before showing his proposals. I would stay, if the designer allows me, with the jackets, armed with shoulder pads.

The common thread of all the outputs has been the chains, both metallic and in stone and silicone embroidery. They appeared throughout the collection, linking the draperies, the embroidery, the intertwined bodies. “Very sensual pieces for the empowerment of women,” she said. We understand that she is now one of the famous designers preferred by: Tamara Falco, Isabel Preysler, Paz Vega, Nieves Álvarez and, above all, and the first one who dressed her, Paula Echevarría.

Great quality in the patterns, in the design in general, and in the fabrics, made mostly by them, as well as the embroidery. A very Spanish luxury that exports all over the world. “Thanks to the fact that we continue to sell in the rest of the world, especially the United States, because in Europe we have stopped selling a lot due to the pandemic. It’s a shame, although now we see a little bit of activity in our store in Valencia, let’s hope we continue ”, they lamented the current situation due to Covid.

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