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Many people who had not even considered it before, are now looking for a way to create an online business that allows them to obtain an extra salary, or why not, a new way of earning a living.

The first thing you will need to create an online business is undoubtedly going to be a website. As Xabier Prada from Opinions.hosting tells us, the demand for hosting (where a web page is hosted so that it is accessible to everyone from the internet) during the pandemic has skyrocketed. Especially during the first months of confinement, where many people were encouraged to launch a website for the first time and the hiring of this type of service experienced unusual growth.

Thanks to tools like WordPress and the countless guides and courses that exist on the internet, practically anyone can start a website from scratch and try to start at a very low cost. Not everyone succeeds, but the tools are there for everyone, you just need to get your heart out and dedicate time to it.

Among the advantages of online entrepreneurship are, among others, the freedom of schedules, free choice of workplace and a more economical barrier to entry than a physical business, which may require a stronger initial investment. Of course, let’s not be fooled, because online businesses also require investment and effort if it is to become a profitable business in the long term.

Options available to start online

There are different options to start online, of which we would highlight the following:

Create an online store

Many physical businesses have launched create an online version of your store. Although it is not an easy task to manage an online business, many have opted to take this step as alternatives to the crisis suffered by local businesses. If you already have a physical store, taking it to the online world will be easier than if you have to start from scratch, but remember that for your website to be successful you should also dedicate time and effort.

Create a thematic blog

Another option that many people choose is to create a blog on a subject they dominate. Many people had this idea in mind and due to lack of time, they had never dared to do it. With the confinement it seems that many have finally found that time and have started to try. These types of projects are easily monetized with Google advertising (Google Adsense) or by selling advertising directly. Of course, before reaching this point your blog must have a considerable number of visits, and that can only be achieved with work and effort.

Create an affiliation website

Another type of project that is seen a lot lately are the informative affiliate websites. Affiliate programs like Amazon’s They have made it very easy to create a page where products are analyzed and recommended in exchange for a commission for their sale. As soon as you browse the internet you will find product comparisons where, if you decide to buy it, the webmaster of the website may receive a commission. If you like to analyze and test products and then give your opinion about them, it is a very good alternative.

Create an online course

Are you an expert in a topic and do you like to teach? Another option you have is to create an online course, record it on video and upload it to a course sales platform. The platform will keep a small commission from each course you sell, but in return she takes care of your accommodation and management.

Create a service website

Do you offer a service and want to make yourself known? Nothing better than having your own website offering it to thousands of people in your area. It will be your showcase abroad and will allow many people to find you when looking for a professional like you on the internet.

These are some of the options you have to start online and what more boom they are having lately. If you are considering the possibility of creating an online business, you should give one of these options a try and see how far you are able to go.

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