Everything you should take into account before buying an air conditioner for your home

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Trust the specialists when choosing a good air conditioning device for the correct air conditioning at home this summer

One of the most important factors in feeling good at home this summer is temperature regulation. In summer, if the rooms accumulate too much heat, it becomes uncomfortable to rest and doing any task indoors can be exhausting.

In Haverland they have developed a decalogue with aspects to take into account to choose the best air conditioning device without losing sight of the well-being and the quality of the indoor air, one of the fundamental factors to enjoy without worries with your loved ones this summer. And it is that in addition to ventilation, there are other elements that can counteract polluting particles and allergens, favoring a clean environment free of impurities, while air conditioning your home.

1.- UV light: Some air conditioners incorporate a type C ultraviolet light capable of disinfecting the air, eliminating living organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, as well as polluting particles, allergens and bad odors, disinfecting the cooled air. This UV-C light is inside the device, being totally safe for health since it does not emit light to the outside.

2.- Anti-mosquito function: so necessary in the summer, especially for children, thanks precisely to the ultraviolet light.

3.- Filters: These accessories improve air quality, which is essential for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or want to avoid the smell of tobacco. We find from carbon filters to HEPA H-13 filters, which coexist inside some products or technologies. But it all depends on the level of efficiency you are looking for, and depending on the space.

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4.- CADR: linked to HEPA filters. It is the amount of air that the filter can purify in a specific size / space; the higher the CADR index, the more filtering power the appliance will have and the better the air quality in the room.

5.- Refrigerant gas: If you want to contribute to a more sustainable planet and help protect the environment, you must take into account the refrigerant gas used by the appliance. The R290, for example, is a good choice thanks to its low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic properties. But there are devices that do not use any type of refrigerant gas.

6.- Energy efficiency: it is related to electricity consumption, functional capacity, power and respect for the environment. On March 1, 2021, the new energy label for household appliances came into force. The efficiency classes A +, A ++ and A +++ disappear. The new scaling goes from class A (most efficient) to class G (least efficient).

7.- Functions: There are products that include, in addition to the “cold” function, ventilation options to promote air flow, dehumidification to reduce and control ambient humidity, especially in the summer, and heating, so you already have that coverage of face winter.

8.- Portability: portable equipment does not require installation, no professional technicians, no work at home, etc. You can transport it on vacation and use it in the room you want at any time.

9.- Other functions that users value: timer, self-oscillating grill, wheel lock, capacity of the water tanks for cooling and that are suitable for ice, easy maintenance and cleaning, or remote control.

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10.- Trust the professionals. And finally, remember that before starting the summer season it is recommended to check the filters that are clean so that the devices work correctly.

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