Facebook is working on its first smartwatch, which will hit stores in 2022





Facebook works on a smart watch, as part of its developments in ‘hardware‘, which it intends to launch on the market next year, with messaging and health and physical activity monitoring functions, according to’ The Information ‘.

It is by no means the social network’s first foray into the world of ‘hardware’. The Oculus virtual reality headsets, which received a new version of the Quest model just a few months ago, or the Portal smart screen are two examples from the Facebook device catalog. We have also known for a long time that the company, as well as Elon Musk with Neuralink, is carrying out developments in the field of augmented reality.

When it comes to the watch, it is expected to have a similar approach to those of the firms that, for years, have been developing products of this type. Specifically, the device would have functions that allow a health tracking and physical activity monitoring, but also with an emphasis on messaging through Facebook services.

As expected, the incursion of the technology of Mark Zuckerberg in this market, it is intended to control the next computing platforms after ‘smartphones’. In principle, it is pointed out that the device will be based on Android, although it could use its own operating system and not Wear OS, Y would arrive in 2022.

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