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The Oceanographic of Valencia brings the sea closer to all its visitors so that they can feel it up close again during the summer months with their more than 15,000 animals and 600 species originating from the most important corners of the planet.

A special year requires an equally special summer. Therefore, the largest aquarium in Europe has prepared four novelties for the summer months with the aim that its visitors enjoy both day and night in the aquarium.

A unique experience that can only be understood if the main task of all the people who work so that the Oceanogràfic of Valencia opens every day of the year is known: the care and welfare of each of the animals.

Since the imposing sharks and rays that inhabit the tunnel, the beautiful belugas, the radiant dolphins, the hundreds of birds that populate the Living Lake and the thousands of fish and jellyfish that accompany visitors during their tour of the aquariums.

The main bet for this summer is the new daytime display of the dolphin group, which seeks to bring science closer, continue to disseminate the characteristics of these marine mammals and bring their beauty closer to being able to understand, understand and care for the sea.

It is a new presentation concept that is aligned with the objective of showing visitors the importance of these animals for the open ocean research and understand the work that their caregivers do so that this can be done.

Through a story, attendees will learn about the research being carried out in the delfinario, many of them unique in the world and that can help the animals that live in the sea.

In addition, the exhibition incorporates a new element of interaction with the public: the kahoot. It’s a technology question and answer game in which viewers will learn about the importance of conserving the sea, as well as the biology of dolphins and the conservation projects carried out at the Oceanogràfic Foundation.

Tour the aquarium at night

One of the absolute novelties for this summer are the night private tours. A different offer to be able to learn up close and in a relaxed way how the animals behave when the sun has declined and the temperatures are cooler.

In small groups, visitors will be able to visit the most important facilities of the aquarium, through a exclusive experience led by an expert guide that will accompany and explain all the biological curiosities during the visit.

Those attending the nightly private visits will be able to put the finishing touch to the night by having dinner at the Submarino Restaurant, enjoying a 10% discount.

A fabulous evening in the emblematic building designed by the architect Felix candela, surrounded by a circular aquarium and accompanied by thousands of fish. All this under the large central lamp that reproduces a bank of imposing jellyfish.

Dinners at the Vivo Lake

For the weekend nights of July and August, visitors will have the opportunity to dine in the Living Lake of the Oceanogràfic. The ‘Dinners by the Lake’ are aa unique gastronomic experience on the exclusive outdoor terrace of Océanos and with special views of the natural freshwater lagoons where the fauna and flora of the Albufera de Valencia are reproduced.

These dinners at Lago Vivo allow you to enjoy the Valencian night in one of the most important complexes in the city and provide an overview of the emblematic buildings.

Some al fresco dinners in which you can taste two menus specially designed by the chef of the Submarino Restaurant, David carrion; close to the magnificent pelicans, with the croaking of frogs in the background and the flight of birds.

The ‘wild’ side of the Oceanogràfic

In addition to all the above, visitors will be able to access one of the daytime experiences that will be available throughout the year and with which go through the less visible and ‘wild’ part of the Oceanogràfic de Valencia.

This is the ‘Backstage Tour’, in which the least visible aspects and places are discovered of the largest aquarium in Europe. A tour in which the structure that sustains the place where the more than 15,000 animals and more than 600 species live is revealed. A space of more than 100,000 square meters and with 44 million liters of salt water.

Is visit the bowels of the aquarium allows visitors to get to know the filtration room, the unknown Quarantine area, the shark feeding area and the Fish Kitchen, where the food of most of the animals that live in the center is prepared.

One 75 minute ride of duration accompanied at all times by a specialist who will turn the visit into a sensitive and didactic experience through ‘the wildest side’ of the Oceanogràfic of Valencia.

For more information and reservations visit the Oceanogràfic website.

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